Setting the Folder window in Entourage 2008

The folder window is the left most column in Entourage. New in Entourage 2008, your default account will be listed at the top of the window. In previous versions, folders “On My Computer” (for POP accounts) was always on top followed by IMAP and Exchange accounts. If you use an Exchange or IMAP account as your default account, the folders “On My Computer” will drop to the bottom right above Mail Views. Mail Views position never changes.

You cannot delete folders “On My Computer.” All accounts send through the Outbox under “On My Computer.” In addition, these local folders serve as an interface to store and organize (archive) messages locally on your computer.

When you have a lot of folders under “On My Computer,” make them as sub folders of the Inbox. This way you can toggle them closed for easier viewing of all folders.

For easy access to a deeply nested folder, add the folder to the Favorites bar.

Note, the little mini calendar in the bottom of window. Entourage opens by default with this option, but what if you remove this option and now you want it back? You check Entourage’s Help but can’t find how to get the mini calendar back. The option to show the mini calendar is staring us in the face, but to most users, including myself, it simply is not obvious.

Mini Calendar in the Folder Window

To show the mini calendar, click on the tiny square icon with a triangle inside; it’s on the very left side of the status bar at the bottom of Entourage’s main window.

You can drag the bar to show more months when needed. Click and hold on the resize bar. The cursor will change to indicate you can drag.

There is a resize option on the right side of the folder window. You can make the folder window wider to show full folder names. You can also view more calendars when you make the window wider.

Options for the Folder Window

Want a different way to access your Calendar and Address Book while in Mail View? Uncheck “Show Mail Folders Only” under View in the Menu bar.

Customize your folder names with color. Select a folder and assign a category to that folder. The folder will now show that category’s color. Other than assigning a color, using the category tag has no other function for folders at this time.

For more help managing your Inbox and setting folders, see the Entourage Help Page

Tip: Any sub folders you make will have the same column set-up as its parent. This option is not available in 3 pane view. You can use “Arrange by” to customize view in 3 pane view.

Entourage Mail Window

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2 comments to Setting the Folder window in Entourage 2008

  • David

    I am embarrassed to say that this was of great assistance. It’s just so obvious once you see it. I spent a lot of time going through drop-downs etc. Again, thanks.

  • Diane Ross

    You are not alone. It’s only obvious after it’s pointed out.