Empty cache files in Entourage 2008

Another casualty of the transition to Entourage 2008 is the Empty Cache for the Entourage newsreader and purge IMAP messages. Currently there isn’t a way to empty cache files. Rebuilding the database in Entourage 2008 no longer flushes any caches.

Purging an IMAP folder:

Currently there is no way to do this for the full account, but you can select “Repair Message List” if you comamnd+click control-click a folder. Option-command-L is an (undocumented) “special” IMAP refresh.

Purging Newsgroup Cache:

Until a fix is issued there is no way to delete messages downloaded from newsgroups in Entourage 2008. However, they do not take up huge amounts of space.

My test in a new User with a new empty Identity shows, downloading 15,526 full messages from the Microsoft Office newsgroups (Office, Entourage, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) a database of 101.1 MB. The Newsgroup Cache file was 28 KB.


  1. Entourage stores newsgroup messages in your database.
  2. The actual Newsgroup messages are stored on a server so you cannot delete the originals.
  3. If you did delete the newsgroup cache, it would all re-download at the next connection.
  4. Nothing stays on the news server more than a few months. For long term access to newsgroup messages you will need to copy messages to a folder “On My Computer”

In Entourage 2004 you could Empty the Cache for newsgroups.

A blank cache file in Entourage 2008 is 4 KB. My Newsgroup cache file is 28 KB. The newsgroup cache file contains a list of known newsgroups from the server.

Newsgroup Basics:

By default, Entourage displays newsgroup message headers in the Message list.

Newsgroups can contain thousands of messages, Entourage limits the display to 300 headers by default. You can change this in the Accounts News.

Although you can use HTML format or attach files to your news messages, you should use such options sparingly. Some newsreader programs cannot display HTML and many newsgroup members might have relatively slow computers or Internet connections.

To download all messages, you can use a rule. Useful for Offline reading.

In Rules, select the News tab:

Create a new rule:

Place this at the top of your News Rules. Do not check “Do not apply other rules to messages that meet these criteria.”

I’m confident this is on the list to be fixed, but I suggest that everyone send feedback to MSFT.

When working in Office, you can use the “Send Feedback” option under the Help menu in all of the Office applications.

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9 comments to Empty cache files in Entourage 2008

  • Barry Wainwright [MVP]

    Purging an IMAP folder:
    Currently there is no way to do this for the full account, but you can select “Repair Message List” if you comamnd+click a folder

    That should be “control-click” on the folder.

  • James Morrison

    I have a problem with Entourage 2008 where I am getting new messages downloaded many times. I think it has something to do with using iSync for Zimbra and/or Sync Services since it began when I added these to my setup. It only happens with teranews news server, not another one I use.
    In any case, I’d like to clear out the cache for all newsgroups I’ve subscribed to on the teranews server. Is there any way to do this? I tried to unsubscribe, log out, rebuild the database, then re-subscribe. But there were my messages already downloaded.

  • Diane Ross

    Currently, in Entourage 2008 there is no way to do this. You could create a new Identity in Entourage and test the news server to see if it is the cause. This way you start off with a clean Identity. Add one item back at a time for sync.
    Are the messages in the newsgroup duplicates? I’ve never seen a report of news messages downloading again. Since they are on the server there is no way to actually duplicate them unless the server itself is duplicating them for download again.
    Troubleshooting a problem involving several sync can be difficult to solve. See Why does syncing play Gossip with my contacts?

  • Dean Suhr

    Option-command-L is an (undocumented) “special” IMAP refresh.
    What does this do in a mail folder?
    It seems to do a continuity check between the server and the IMAP folder with no flush but some sort of basic repair – is this correct?

  • Diane Ross

    Basically, it updates the folder list. Does not flush cache.

  • You can “Empty Cache” under Entourage 2008 but not through a right click/sub menu “Empty Cache” command. You now have to right click the Inbox and select “Folder Properties” and on the dialogue box that appears you have a “Empty Cache” button. This button was there in Entourage 2004 in addition to the right click folder “Empty Cache” that is now missing.

  • Scott Fraser

    I tried to empty my cache as Anton suggested above but when I ctrl-click on the inbox, the “Folder Properties” option is not available to click on. I have tried all other options aside from setting up the account from scratch again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • What type of account? (POP, IMAP, Exchange) The “Folder Properties” option is Exchange only.

  • Amy Weber

    Exchange would not sync to Entourage yesterday and I didn’t have the option of clearing cache in just my inbox so I cleared it at Cisco Exchange mail level. Now it still won’t sync and I’m not seeing any old messages. My mail is still coming onto my Blackberry. What do I do??