DST Fix for Australia & New Zealand

In the spring of 2007, Daylight Saving Time was moved forward. These changes in DST created problems for Entourage vX and v2004. Fortunately a contibutor was able to put together a new DST file and we were able to post a (unsupported) solution for Entourage X. Entourage 2004 received an official update. At the time I was running my own blog and it was, for a good while, the most popular page! Details were also posted on this site, here

Now, the same thing has happened again. Australia and New Zealand have recently changed their DST times and the changes have not (yet) been included in an Entourage update. This article gives details of how to update your own copy of Entourage to take account of the new times for DST in Australia and New Zealand.

First, understand that this patch IS NOT SUPPORTED BY MICROSOFT.

However, since only one of the support files is being replaced, the chances of lasting damage is minimal, but you are advised most strenuously to take a back up of the files that are to be changed.

It is more than likely that a future update to Entourage will also update these DST files and will include the new DST time that this patch corrects. If that is the case (and I don’t know when, or even if, this will happen), you will need to take no further action as the changes made here will be eliminated.

If you accept this and want to continue, read on…

Entourage 2004 steps:

  1. download the updated time zones file for Entourage 2004
  2. Quit Entourage
  3. Back up the Timezones file in your /Microsoft Office 2004/Office folder
  4. Copy the Timezones file you downloaded to /Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office folder, replacing the old “Timezones” file
  5. Re-launch Entourage

Entourage 2008:

  1. Download the updated time zones file for Entourage 2008
  2. Quit Entourage
  3. Back up the Timezones.ics file in (see note below) “/Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/EntourageCore.framework/Versions/12/Resources/en.lproj/”
  4. Copy the Timezones.ics you downloaded to “/Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/EntourageCore.framework/Versions/12/Resources/en.lproj/”, replacing the old “Timezones.ics” file
  5. Re-launch Entourage
    *note: to access the contents of EntourageCore.framework, you’ll need to ctrl-click it and choose “Show Package Contents”
    *note: Entourage X will not be updated as it is “End of Life”. Currently no workaround is available.

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