Color me confused over updates

Confusion is rampant over (1) updating the AutoUpdater (MAU), (2) the updater for Office 2008 12.0.1 not showing up in the MAU, and (3) Entourage still showing as 12.0.0 after updating.

To add to this confusion that there are two AutoUpdaters (MAU). One for Office X and Office 2004 – AutoUpdater is 1.1.2. Another for Office 2008 – AutoUpdater is 2.1.1. Be sure to read the previous article AutoUpdate to 12.0.1 Confusion for details.

Continuing the confusion is the release of Office 2004 updater 11.4.1. It is not showing up in the MAU nor is it correctly posted on Mactopia. It seems to be just a security update.

[CORRECTION] the updater 11.4.1 is there. It’s hidden. Just scroll down to find it.

Just the facts!

  1. Currently, the Office 2008 for Mac 12.0.1 Update is not available in MAU. The standalone updater is available at Mactopia.
  2. Users that have modified their soundsets could cause Entourage not to update
  3. A Finder error is causing the correct version not to stick for Entourage

Leopard not updating the Desktop Database and thus the Finder is not showing the proper version.
You can verify that it is a Finder issue by looking in the bundle and looking at the info.plist file. It is that file that the OS looks at to find the version number. Some users had to restart their Leopard machine four times before the Finder showed the version correctly.

Personally, I found it was easier to just do the following, if for any reason Entourage was not updated to 12.0.1:
“Remove Office” and Re-Install

  1. Log out/in with Shift key held down to disable all applications
  2. Run “Remove Office”
    1. “Remove Office” can be found in the Additional Tools folder inside the Office 2008 folder.
      /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Additional Tools/Remove Office/Remove
  3. If you tried to install the 12.0.1 updater go to Library/Receipts folder and remove any Microsoft packages remaining

  4. Insert your Office 2008 CD and install
  5. Added Info: restart your computer before you install the 12.0.1 update. 3/20/08

  6. Download and install the Office 12.0.1 standalone update
  7. Restart
  8. Run Repair Permissions from Disk Utility

Note: A new version of 12.0.1 was released today. You might try this if your original update efforts failed. 3/20/08
Launch Entourage and check under About Entourage. You should see 12.0.1

If you would like to see all Office 2008 applications and their versions download this script. More info on using this script and other downloads for a script application plus a French localized version visit the Favorite Scripts page. Includes download links for Office 2004 and Office X version info.

Tips for a trouble-free install:

  1. If the installer freezes with the rainbow, go to Activity Monitor (You will see the installer red lined) click on Sample and Save. This could make the installer active again.

  2. If you select a volume before it finishes “examining additional volumes” it will hang. Taking sample again fixed the hang for me. Waiting forever an a little more will make it active too. 🙂
  3. I found that “Remove Office” did not remove my CD Key and therefore the Setup Assistant did not run.

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8 comments to Color me confused over updates

  • Jesse David Hollington

    I also had the problem with Entourage not getting updated along with the rest of the suite, but since I’m travelling away from home, I don’t have my Office 2008 CD handy — only the downloaded updater.
    Of course, running the updater refuses to proceed, since it detects the new version and refuses to reinstall it.
    Thinking that there must be a way to get just the Entourage update installed, I decided to actually open up the updater package itself and take a look inside….
    It turns out that the updates themselves are broken down into discrete installer packages for each individual application and component. Running these packages wants to default to installing the update under “/private/tmp/” which will of course just install the incremental update into a brand new directory (relatively useless without the original Entourage app package), but you can change the directory to point to the main “Applications” folder instead (just the main folder — the package takes care of the usual “Microsoft Office 2008” sub-folder itself)
    So basically, I just re-ran the “Office2008_en_entourage_12.0.1.incremental.pkg” file, and then the other three corresponding “Office2008_en_entourage_help” files just to make sure.
    I don’t know if that necessarily catches everything that needs to be updated, but it’s definitely got Entourage up to v12.0.1, both in terms of the “About” dialog box within E’rage itself and the version detection script supplied above.
    [Thanks for posting this useful workaround. Entourage users are a resourceful bunch.]Diane Ross

  • This post was very helpful in allowing me to update MS Office.
    Since updating, Word has been using a lot of memory and virtual memory. It hung once with 1.3 (of 2) gigs of real memory and twice as much virtual memory as any other application. I’ve also noticed the fan working a lot. I’m on a MacBook Air.
    Anyone else having this kind of difficulty?
    [Word hogging memory has been a known problem with the RTM. The best place to get help with this is on the newsgroup. How to subscribe to the MSFT newsgroups
    Have you run Activity Monitor from the Utilities folder? And have you watched the value for Free when the System Memory tab (at the bottom) is selected. This would indicate you need more memory for your MacBook Air. I suspect you would benefit greatly from adding at least 2GB more memory. This is not to say Word is acting correctly hogging memory.] Diane Ross

  • mntbighker

    MAU fails to detect 11.4.1 on every 11.4.0 equipped Mac (PPC or Intel) we have tried so far. It will run manually.
    [The Office 2004 11.4.1 updater was not originally available for MAU. It is now available via MAU. 3/16/08] Diane Ross

  • jg

    From the kb article about the 12.0.1 update for office 2008:
    • The Office 2008 for Mac 12.0.1 Update is also available from Microsoft AutoUpdate. AutoUpdate is a program that automatically keeps Microsoft software up-to-date.
    though I’ve yet to see it actually work.
    [The KB is the cart before the horse. Don’t know what or why this is going on.] Diane Ross

  • Sigrid

    how exactly did you open up the package? I only get a installer programme which I can run or not. No package to look into.
    Of course I’m talking about Office 2004 – but maybe the trick is the same?

  • Diane Ross

    Office 2004 does not use a package installer. Exactly what problem are you having?

  • Sigrid

    Actually, my problem is the “Entourage keeps asking for passwort”-one. And having tried every other possible solution including praying to the moon I just wanted to try updating my Entourage 2004 11.4.0 to 11.5.X.
    And since I had installed individual soundsets the Automatic Updater updated Excel, Powerpoint and Word but not Entourage. That’s why I was looking for a solution to force-update Entourage.

  • Diane Ross

    The constant asking for password is a Keychain problem. Try running Keychain First Aid and if that doesn’t fix the problem Delete _not erase_ items, but actually delete the account and create new. Do not paste in info. Be careful not to add an extra space at the end. Delete the account in the Keychain also.
    As to your update problem, see this blog post for a full explanation and the script that gives you the correct version info for each Office application.
    Confused over Microsoft Update Version numbers?