Calendar synching between Entourage and iCal

Entourage’s support of Sync Services keeps confusing many users: while the contacts in Entourage show up just fine in Address Book, a number of problems appear with Entourage’s calendar and iCal. A number of users have been creating their calendar entries in iCal and are surprised to discover that, even though they have enabled calendar syncing in Entourage’s preferences, nothing seems to be happening. However, this is not the case; Entourage’s calendar does sync to iCal, and vice-versa, but the user needs to understand how this complex mechanism works.

First of all, a crucial distinction needs to be made between the different ways in which Entourage and iCal handle calendars: iCal supports multiple calendars, Entourage does not (except for Exchange). And while Entourage supports categories, iCal makes use of the previously mentioned different calendars to categorise appointments and tasks. This difference is crucial to a proper understanding of why synching does not work the way most users would expect it to work. Categories and calendars are not identical, which is why it is not immediately possible to sync categories in Entourage with calendars in iCal. Instead, the following scenario applies to both Entourage 2004 and 2008:

When you enable Sync Services in Entourage’s preferences (see screenshot above), a new calendar called “Entourage” is created in iCal (see screen shot below). All the items that are in Entourage’s calendar are synched to that calendar; create a new item in Entourage, and it shows up in the “Entourage” calendar in iCal. Similarly, if you use iCal and want the new events that you create to show up in Entourage as well, you will have to make sure that any new item is part of the “Entourage” calendar.

WARNING! If you decide to delete the “Entourage” calendar in iCal, be very, very careful! You will not get any supplementary warnings other than the standard dialogue, and if you do not pay attention, you will have deleted all your Entourage calendar events and to do items in one fell swoop. Do not delete the “Entourage” calendar in iCal unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing!

There are a number of drawbacks to this implementation of Sync Services: Entourage’s categories allow the user to make organizational distinctions which simply disappear when these calendar events are viewed in iCal’s “Entourage” calendar. Similarly, you cannot have calendar events that belong to two calendars at once in iCal, which means that you have to choose between using iCal’s convenient, colorized multiple calendars or the restrictive, monolithic “Entourage” calendar. This restriction is quite noticeable when you sync your iCal calendars with a portable device, such as mobile phones, Palm pilots, iPods or iPhones: iSync and iTunes allow you choose which calendars to sync with your mobile device, but if you use Entourage, there’s only one iCal calendar to choose from, namely “Entourage”. In other words, you only have two choices: either sync all your calendar and to do items, or none at all.

This restriction makes using iCal and Entourage simultaneously rather uncomfortable; sure, it is very convenient to have a built-in feature in Entourage that allows the user to sync his or her calendar with mobile devices, but at the same time, the current implementation is quite rough around the edges and does not allow for any subtleties. An ideal solution, in my opinion, would be a preference in Entourage that would allow the user to associate categories with iCal calendars. In other words, if you categorise an item in Entourage as “Work”, it would show up in the “Work” calendar in iCal, and so on. Such an implementation of Sync Services does not seem to be impossible, but in order to get Microsoft to look into this solution, we will need to get as many users as possible to complain about the current implementation by clicking on “Send Feedback on Entourage” inside Entourage’s Help menu and suggesting alternatives, such as the one mentioned above.

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80 comments to Calendar synching between Entourage and iCal

  • Travis

    I am not experiencing the syncing behavior described in this post.
    When I turn on syncing between my Entourage Exchange calendar and ical I experience the following results:
    – A calendar named “Entourage” is created in ical and the “existing” events and to-dos are synced.
    – I can added a new events to ical and they will show up on the Entourage Exchange calendar within Entourage.
    – However, after the initial sync, new events and to-dos added to the Entourage Exchange calendar are not showing up in the ical “Entourage” calendar. Which is the most significant type of syncing capability to me.
    Any suggestions/ideas as to why this might be happening?

  • pat

    How do I change the priority preference in Entourage 2008 to allow events scheduled on my iphone to sync back to my entourage calendar? Presently, I have set entourage as the priority.

  • Sean Pease

    I began using my iPhone right after Christmas. It seemed to sync with iCal and then Entourage 2004 fine. Since moving to Entourage 2008 I am having the same problems as mentioned above.
    At first, I set Entourage sync to delete iCal events because Entourage has always been my primary client. I needed it to populate iCal and Address Book. As I would add things on the calendar on contacts in my iPhone, it would never appear on Entourage. I went back and set Entourage 2008 sync to merge / combine. Now if I edit an event or contact on either application I get two entries.
    I like to keep iCal and Address Book included because I sync between laptop and desktop using .mac sync.

  • Michel Bintener

    Sorry, I have little to no experience with Exchange, so I can’t help you.
    I don’t own an iPhone, so I can’t give you an exact answer. Can you specify in iTunes that new calendar entries on your iPhone are automatically added to the “Entourage” iCal calendar?
    Same as above; the fact that I do not own an iPhone makes it rather impossible for me to help.
    If anybody wants me to find more conclusive answers, feel free to send me an iPhone. 🙂

  • Jonathan Phillips

    I’m running leopard and office 2008.
    My issues are frustrating also.
    ICAL events created in Entourage ical push over to entourage no problem
    However event created in Entourage do not push over to ICAL
    If I delete an event in ICAL it remains in Entourage.
    I’m syncing with my Exchange Calendar.
    Any Ideas

  • Hi.
    1. I just upgraded to Leopard and Office 2008 last week and ‘m having so many issues. Every program is taking FOREVER to load. it’s been taking 35-50 seconds each for word,excel, entourage to launch. Sometimes more for illustrator, photoshop etc. I’m going out of my mind. it’s like someone poured mollasses in my computer’s brain and it takes forever to switch between apps too! UGGGH!
    Anyone have any ideas? Are they just not compatible yet. I have a G5 POWER PC I MAC
    2. Also, in Entourage, i can’t seem to switch the way the date is viewed in the received column in my inbox, and sent date in my sent box. For some reason, it’s showing up a little screwed up it looks like this – Monday/1231/07
    instead of Monday 12/31/07
    or even just 12/31/07
    Any thoughts?
    Thank you.

  • Len

    I made the mistake of deleting the Entourage calendar in iCal, now every time I activate syncing between Entourage and iCal i lose all my Entourage calendar entries. How can I recover the old Entourage calendar in iCal or tell Entourage to sync with another calendar?

  • Michel Bintener

    @ Ami:
    Office 2008 is said to be slower on PowerPC Macs than on Intel Macs, and it is also supposedly slower than Office 2004 (on PowerPCs). It might be worth doing some troubleshooting, so head over to the Office:mac newsgroups and see if anyone can help you.
    As far as the date format is concerned: Entourage picks that one up from the format that’s specified in the International section of the System Preferences. Quit Entourage, change these settings, restart your Mac and see if the date is now displayed correctly in Entourage.
    @ Len:
    In Entourage, go to Entourage>Preferences, disable the Sync Services and click on OK. Then go back into the preferences and re-enable them. You will now be asked what you would like to do, so choose to replace the iCal items with your Entourage items. If you do that, a new “Entourage” calendar will be created in iCal which you will then leave untouched. As for recovering your old Entourage data: I’m afraid that can’t be done. Once it’s lost, it’s lost.

  • ghj

    Double Entourage calendars in iCal
    While syncing Entourage 2004 and iCal every change in the calendars leads to a new calendar named “Entourage” in iCal. So all my events are events are split in different calendars – but: the unchanged events will be repeated all the time. So iCal fills up in a very stupid way?
    In Entourage sync options I choose the third optinon: Sync both calendars ….
    Any idea where I am going wrong?
    Thanks for any help …

  • Gary Smith

    I’ve been using Entourage and Office:mac for a couple of weeks and sync my Blackberry through iCal with Missing Sync. This generally works well, but a few times I have noticed that the settings in Sync Servces have been “lost” and Entourage fails to sync wth iCal as a result.
    Anyone have any idea what might be causng this? I’m using Leopard 10.5.2 if that matters but I think it was dong this before the .2 update.

  • Michel Bintener

    There seems to be some problem related to what Entourage stores in the Truth (i.e. the component in Mac OS X which the Sync Services access) and what iCal retrieves from it. In Entourage, disable Sync Services, then switch to iCal and delete all the “Entourage” calendars. Switch back to Entourage and re-enable the Sync Services and, when prompted, choose to replace the iCal data with your Entourage data. See if that solves the problem.
    @ Gary:
    Which version of Office:mac are you using? 2004 or 2008? There are a few problems regarding Sync Services in Entourage 2008 right now. Apart from that, I can’t really help you as I don’t know how the Missing Sync works, having never used it before.

  • Gary Smith

    I am using 2008. It’s not related to Missing Sync. that just takes whatever is in the Cal calendar and Syncs it with the BB.
    I’ll give the suggestion a go and see f that improves things. It’s not so much a problem, as going back n and enabling the elements of Sync services you want solves the problem, t’s just really annoying that you have to check 😉
    I’ll file a bug report wth Micro$oft (if I can fnd out how) and see if I hear anything.
    Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Rudy Holzhauer

    I use two Macs, one at work, one at home. And I like to sync the two “My day”. Would this be possible via .mac or any other solution?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Michel Bintener

    @ Rudy: you could theoretically sync your calendars between your Mac at work and the one at home; however, there are still quite a few syncing-related problems in Entourage 2008, so I would not really recommend doing this for the time being. Also, note that if you sync your calendars via .Mac, the categories used in Entourage will not sync; in other words, you would have to re-apply categories to every single calendar item to get My Day to display the events in colour.

  • Toby Simpson

    We have 4 MAC’s in our office. Two were upgraded to Leopard and the sync services seem to be working just fine. One of the MAC’s, the one that had Leopard installed at time of purchase does not display sync services at all in Entourage.
    We have been on tech support with Apple a few times. They had us do all the updates which did not resolve the issue. Quite honestly, I think they are stumpped and do not know what to do to help us resolve this issue. Any thoughts or guidance would be very much appreciated.
    Thank in advance for your any assistance you can provide.

  • Michel Bintener

    @ Toby: Try removing Office using the Remove Office application (in Applications/Microsoft Office 200x/Additional Tools/Remove Office) and then reinstalling it. See if that solves the problem.

  • Thanks a lot for the info.
    In switching to Mac from my PC, I transferred all my calendar data to iCal’s ‘Main’ calendar. Of course, of ‘Entourage’ calendar is empty, so it doesn’t sync anything with the Entourage application calendar. Is there a way I can copy and paste all my ‘Main’ calendar events with my ‘Entourage’ calendar events in iCal to take care of this? I really don’t want to have to manually copy all my events one by one.

  • Michel Bintener

    @pkhan12858: There is a way. Click on iCal’s search field, then enter any vowel (i, u, e, o, a). iCal will then display all the results which contain this vowel. In the search result window, click on the first entry, then scroll down and press shift while clicking the last entry. You have now selected all the events, and you can either drag them into the Entourage calendar or ctrl-/right-click them and assign them to a calendar through the Calendar item in the contextual menu. Note that this method will not work if any calendars that cannot be edited (such as birthdays or online calendars you have subscribed to) are displayed; you will therefore need to disable them first by clicking on the checkbox(es) next to the calendar(s).

  • byteme

    I am able to synchronize my Entourage Calendar [On My Computer] but am unable to synchronize my Entourage Calendar [Exchange Server] that is synced with an Exchange server. I read in the Entourage 2004 help that sync services does not sync delegated address books, calendars, etc. Is this why I can’t get the Calendar from the Exchange server to sync with iCal?

  • Michel Bintener

    @ byteme: I am not quite sure, as I am not familiar with Exchange. However, you can only synchronise with one type of account, i.e. either “On My Computer” OR Exchange. You can’t synch them both at the same time. If you want to synchronise your Exchange account, you will need to set it up as your default account (Tools>Accounts, Make Default).

  • byteme

    Michel: Thank you for your help. Making my Exhange account my default Entourage account worked!

  • anthony vincent

    Michael (or anyone that can provide some insight) Following the steps, I’ve not been able to have Entourage create an “Entourage” calendar in iCal. If I create one manually, it does not sync to my current Entourage calendar. I’ve scoured the net for some hints/solution. Oddly enough, I loaded up the canned calendars that you can subscribe to from one of Apple iCal sites (Birthdays, Jewish holidays, etc.) and each of them definitely do sync to my iPhone. I don’t have any issues with the contacts syncing from Entourage, but calendars…well…grr…
    One thing I noticed is that on just-ted’s site one of his screen shots show the Entourage Sync Services preference panel showing a pull-down selection of “Calendar (on my computer)” under the “Synchronize events and tasks with iCal and .Mac”. I don’t have a pull down menu at all. Could that be related to my issue?
    Office 12.0 and OS X 10.5.2

  • Michel Bintener

    @ Anthony: Creating an Entourage calendar is not going to make both apps synch; you absolutely need to use the one created by Entourage itself. Don’t worry about the dropdown menu; that one only appears if you have more than one calendar (On My Computer + Exchange) in Entourage. What happens if you disable the calendar synching, click on OK, then re-renter the preferences and re-enable the synchronisation? Does that change anything? If it does not, try following the method mentioned on this page.

  • anthony vincent

    @ Michel: I suspect the iCal calendar “Entourage” (the one with the actual quotes) is the one you mean? It took a couple reboots for it to appear in the list. I had seen it before when I was troubleshooting, yet still would not synch. Toggling the sync services in Entourage did not work. I also did the method you mentioned as well. Still, nothing. Did a fresh OS install as well. No go. Thanks for you tips and I’ll continue troubleshooting….

  • anthony vincent

    Michel: In SycroSpector I noticed in the pull-down menu “Truth”, there are numerous record entries, all with a unique “record ID”. Every single “” entry has the red circle with the line thru it (NO ENTRY symbol) in the full list. When any one of them is selected, nothing appears in the “properties” pane. Unlike all other non-Entourage entries.
    Could this be something to dig into?

  • Julian Pozzi

    Everytime I change or modify my “entourage” iCal calendar, it creates a new Entourage event in my entourage calendar, so I end up with multiple entries.

  • Stu

    Trying to get my wife’s iphone to sync with Entourage 2008. I turned on sync services and thought all was swell. A calendar item created in Entourage was copied to the iphone. Now months later, I realize that my wife added lots of calendar items on the iphone, but the items aren’t making it back to Entourage. I discovered that the iphone is syncing with the ical calendar called “home”. I realized that the iphone is set to sync with “all calendars” and set to put new items into the “home” calendar. The various faqs on how to get sync’ing to work neglected to provide the settings for itunes. What should I do from here to get all of the existing and new calendar items to now show up on both Entourage and the iphone? Thanks.

  • Michel Bintener

    Hi Stuart,
    you simply need to make sure these items are saved in iCal’s “Entourage” calendar. See if you can make that calendar the default calendar for events created on your wife’s iPhone. As for existing events, simply ctrl-/right-click them and change the calendar from “Home” to “Entourage”.

  • Stu

    Thanks! That worked great … items now going both ways between the iphone and Entourage… only problem is that deleting items on the iphone doesn’t delete them in Entourage meaning that the items come back to life. Upon syncing, the item is initially deleted in ical, but since it isn’t deleted in Entourage, it gets moved back to ical and then back to the iphone. Deleting the item in Entourage does really delete the item. Known problem? Work arounds? This is a big problem as the phone is the place where most of the appointments are created and edited.

  • Michel Bintener

    Sorry, can’t help you with that particular issue. Post your question on the Entourage newsgroup and see if someone who actually owns an iPhone can help you with this issue.

  • Charlie

    I foolishly deleted my ical Entourage calendar and now I cannot get it back. I have followed your instructions to ‘Len’ above and they do not work for me. Another calendar is never created, no errors are reported, it just doesn’t work! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Diane Ross

    1) Disable calendar syncing in Entourage
    2) Quit Entourage
    3) Quit iCal
    4) Delete:
    Next delete the contents of
    ~\library\application support\iCal
    5) Relaunch iCal
    6) Relaunch Entourage
    7) Enable calendar syncing in Entourage

  • Charlie

    Diana Ross!!
    Thank you very much, this has been troubling me for a while and you have solved it for me.
    Yours truly,

  • Marc

    I always have problems with Entourage / iCal sync as soon as I work with mobile devices such as iPhone or server.
    Can I just delete the “Entourage” calender in iCal and put all entries back into a new “Entourage” calender from my iPhone?
    thanks for help,

  • Michel Bintener

    Hi Marc,
    never delete the Entourage calendar in iCal; doing so results in a complete loss of data, as all the events associated with the Entourage calendar will be deleted as well. Disable Sync Services in Entourage’s preferences, then re-enable them to recreate the calendar. Creating a new calendar called “Entourage” on your iPhone may cause issues as soon as Entourage tries to recreate the calendar in iCal.
    Please visit the Entourage newsgroup and ask your question there. Be sure to give as many details as possible (what kind of errors are you experiencing?), and someone is sure to help you.

  • Mike Roberts

    Trying to Sync Entourage 2008 with my Symbian phone. Bizarely this has to happen in 2 stages – syncing with ical & address book and then syncing these with the phone using missingsync …. convoluted but ok except:
    ical and entourage syncing really doesn’t work – multiple duplicate events are created every time i do it. For me this makes entourage 2008 totally unuseable.
    This seems to be a common problem.
    Is it just 2008 that has this issue? Should I revert to 2004.
    Or alternatively, I need to ditch the phone or Entourage.
    Please help, i’m getting very frustrated.

  • Michel Bintener

    There are a number of problems with Entourage 2008 and Apple’s Sync Services. I don’t know whether the problems are the same with Entourage 2004; check out other articles on this blog for more detailed answers. That being said, make sure you are using the latest version of both Entourage and Mac OS X; this might reduce the number of occasions on which events and contacts are duplicated.

  • Ron

    Thanks for this information, it was quite helpful and eases the pain although I am not happy with the results. I just bought a MacBookPro about a week ago and have been very frustrated at the simple things that seem to be so hard, but I am going to stick with it and work with what I am learning. However, I am not going to put my wife through the wringer and will take hers back to the store since I have purposely not opened the box yet. I understand that the problem is not with Mac but with Microsoft and is the reason why we switched in the first place, but this seems to cause much more pain than I anticipated.
    Can anybody tell me where the email messages that I download in my inbox go? They seem to slip into never-never land. I assume there is an auto archive or auto delete, but I am not sure where it is and I have lost a lot of important email which was my fault for not setting the download option to leave mail on server before I did the send/receive.
    Another issue I can’t figure out is how to I connect to the other PC’s on my home network to access the shared files? Does Leopard have something like a “My Network Places?”

  • Steve Sheehan

    I was having the same problem and noticing that there were multiple calendars listed in the iTunes iCal sync section…3 Entourage, 1 Work and 1 Home. Note, I only want to sync with Entourage and don’t use MobileMe.
    I noticed that all the Entourage listings had different colors. What I did was fairly simple. I just looked at the iCal with all the calendars selected and went through month by month and changed all events to the same Entourage color. Once I did this I deleted all the calendars of another color as well as the Home and Work calendars.
    Took 2 minutes.

  • Roy Rosenthal

    Is there a way to contact Microsoft to get someone to correct huge errors in the Entourage holidays data. The Jewish holidays are missing in many cases and wrong in others.

  • Michel Bintener

    You can always send your feedback to Microsoft by clicking on Help>Send Feedback about Entourage. Alternatively, e-mail me , and I will forward your information to MacBU. Do not forget to include which version of Entourage you are using, and be as precise as possible when listing the missing holidays.

  • Debra Gordon

    I’ve followed the instructions but items in the Entourage calendar on ical are not syncing to the Entourage calendar. Feel like I’m missing a step to actually DO the sync; I have sync turned on in preferences.

  • See FAQs 1 and 2 on this page.
    #1 has a check list to be sure everything is installed and setup properly. #2 helps with resetting.
    Troubleshoot Sync Services & Spotlight

  • Margaret

    Just to say a big thank you – works with 2004 and 10.5 – after many searches on the web, this has solved my problem (I mainly want to import into ical and it shows up in my main entourage calender) Cheers Margaret

  • AdamV

    I have turned on Sync services in Entourage however I am not getting an “entourage” calendar in ical? Any ideas.

  • Javier

    I have activated sync services in Entourage and it created a entourage calendar in Ical. New entries are synchronized in both directions EntourageIcal. However my problem is that old entries in Entourage have not been transferred to Ical after activating sync services. Any idea how to solve this?
    Thanks for your help

  • Scott Mac Meekin

    Just as you state, contacts are easy, but calendars less so… I have successfully got Entourage and Address Book to sync contacts. I cannot get Entourage to create a new calendar in iCal.
    I have removed:
    as per instructions above.
    There is no folder ~\library\application support\iCal
    Any ideas? Do I need to reinstall iCal?
    Thanks in advance,

  • I had to update the info for Leopard.
    ~/Library/Application Support?iCal –> Tiger.
    ~/Library/Calendars/Calendar Cache –> Leopard
    This page should help with the restoring the calendar:
    Sync-Services and iCal FAQs
    Looks like I need to update the ical in application support on this page too.

  • Bryan

    Answer to:
    I have activated sync services in Entourage and it created a entourage calendar in Ical. New entries are synchronized in both directions EntourageIcal. However my problem is that old entries in Entourage have not been transferred to Ical after activating sync services. Any idea how to solve this?
    I had the same problem an finally came over it:
    1. Delete the entourage calendar
    2. disable sync in entourage
    3. close ical and entourage.
    ~/Library/Preferences/ (I tried this entry before, but no result for me, however, many people recommend to delete it)
    5. create a new calendar in ical (otherwise entourage doesnt create the entourage calender in ical (maybe only a problem in my case))
    6. done
    After that, entourage did a new sync and my “old” entries were also synced to ical

  • Alex

    all worked fine for a year or so but suddenly all my Entourage entries were deleted. I can reproduce it. If I activate iCal Sync in Entourage and look at my Entourage calendar all my entries, one by another, disappear – gone forever. I tried all options iCal overwrites, vice versa, synchronize events… Very disappointing. As for now I can’t sync (iCal and iPhone..)
    Thanks for help

  • Mark

    Sorry if this is repetitive, but I couldn’t find this problem in the notes above.
    In a nutshell, the calendar available to me in Exchange server, in the public folders, is correct and identical to the server calendar. However, my personal calendar created in Entourage 2008, includes events long since deleted or altered on the server. iCal then uses that corrupted(?) personal Entourage calendar to sync with, making it impossible rely on.
    The Windows users don’t see these old deleted events. They just appear in my personal Exchange calendar.
    Is there a way to correct this?
    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Paul

    I am still using Entourage 2004. For some reason, now when I synch with iPhone, I have TWO Entourage calendars on my iPhone, each with different entries, but all entries appear on my Mac’s Entourage.
    Is there a way to merge to merge the 2 iPhone Entourage calendars?

  • lily

    I just switched from Office 2004 to Office 2008 and have been trying to sync ical with entourage calendar. ical is my main calendar, but I would like to be able to copy all my ical entries onto the entourage calendar. I’ve tried out some of the suggestions in this forum, but none have worked.

  • Michel Bintener

    Try the following: in iCal’s search field, enter the letter “e”. This letter is very common, so chances are that every entry you have in iCal contains it at least once. The results show up in a list below the calendar. Move to the first entry of the list, then select it. Now scroll down to the last entry in the results list, hold down the Shift key and select the last entry. You have now selected all the entries, and you can move them to the “Entourage” calendar by right-clicking and choosing the appropriate option from the contextual menu.

  • Lily

    I’m with you up until this part of your instructions: “You have now selected all the entries, and you can move them to the “Entourage” calendar by right-clicking and choosing the appropriate option from the contextual menu.” I have no idea what you mean by right-clicking or where the appropriate option will appear or what the contextual menu is. Help!

  • Michel Bintener

    After selecting all the events, place the mouse cursor (the black pointer) above the selection. Some mice have a right button; if you have a Mighty Mouse (the one included by Apple), you can right-click, for instance. But there’s another solution: hold down the Ctrl key (which you can find in the lower left corner of your keyboard), then click the selected events. A number of options will now pop up, and one is called “Calendar”. Choose the “Entourage” calendar from that list.
    N.B.: I have just tried to do this in Snow Leopard, but it does not seem to work anymore. It definitely worked in earlier versions of Mac OS X.

  • lily

    Well, it did transfer material over to the Entourage Calendar, but the calendar is unusable. It’s just a mishmash of things. In the process, my ical calendar lost a number of things, including my to do list and the times of upcoming events.
    Fortunately, I backed up ical a couple of days ago, so I was able to recover most of what got messed up. But Entourage is a mess. I think the lesson to be learned here is, first, be sure to back up everything before making one of these moves. Second, the Entourage and ical calendars are not compatible.

  • Hi – My Entourage and Ical have suddenly stopped talking… and therefore my iphone is not getting the diary updates which could be embarrassing.
    I have just done and Import in Ical and then synced
    which sorted the problem for right now.
    Any ideas – is there a reset / debug i need to do?

  • Edward

    Yes, I did do just what you caution against. I synced my Entourage 2008 calender to iCal, then foolishly Deleted it while in iCal, not knowing all the data in Entourage would disappear!!! HOW DO I GET BACK MY ENTOURAGE DATA? Please help.

  • Pear

    Yes. Back the stuff up before syncing. iCal (trying to sync) STOLE the date from entourage… it was a good import, but it DELETED everything from entourage. Really? Of course, now it will not sync them for some reason only job’s knows.

  • Lisa

    I’m not sure what I just did, but ical transferred ALL of my calendar items from Entourage and now my Entourage calendar is empty. Is there a way to put them back?

  • Are you saying it deleted them in both applications or did it just delete in Entourage?

  • Björn

    Is there a way to get the sync service between Entourage 2008 and iCal to work again after starting to crash every time there is a sync starting. The sync used to work before but suddenly it just does not work. I get a long error log every time starting with:
    Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0
    Error Signature:
    Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS
    Date/Time: 2009-10-25 23:48:56 +0100
    Application Name: Microsoft Sync Services
    Application Bundle ID:
    Application Signature: MSS1
    Application Version:
    Crashed Module Name: unknown
    Crashed Module Version: unknown
    Crashed Module Offset: unknown
    Blame Module Name: unknown
    Blame Module Version: unknown
    Blame Module Offset: unknown
    Application LCID: 1033
    Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0409


  • Try exporting all calendar events under File > Export as .rge files. When exporting, select to delete. Then import the .rge file back into Entourage. Sometimes this will clear corruption.
    Note: I suggest working off a copy since you are deleting data.

  • Björn

    Hi Diane!
    Unfortunately it did not work . Still getting the popup of Microsoft error reporting saying that I can restart sync services since it crashed.
    I tried with both an empty calendar and one with the re-imported events, but the same problem occurs in both cases.
    Do you have any other ideas. I searched Microsoft´s KB but did not find anything there.

  • If you import the exported .rge file into a new Identity, does it sync without an error? If yes, then you need to export all items as .rge files and import into a new Identity.

  • Lynne

    iCal and Entourage calendars will sync, but iCal shows entries 7 hours later. Both programs are specified in PST Zone — would move iCal preference to an Asian time zone, but does not seem to be an option. I need to correct because my smartphone sync software is using iCal (though all my entries are in Entourage) Thus everything is coming up 7 hours off on my phone/pda as well.

  • You don’t mention if you are using Snow Leopard. If you are, see this article:
    Entourage Calendar issues on Snow Leopard

  • Herbie

    I used to sync well with Entourage 2004 and ical. I enter them in Entourage and then they sync into ical (so I can get them into iphone)
    Recently all the appointments are showing up in ical with a time that is 6-hours later, than the original appointment in Entourage.
    I think I checked all the timezones, and clocks, and they seem correct.
    Any one have any suggestions?
    Thanks you

  • This doesn’t sound like database corruption, but strange things do happen when there is corruption. You can test in a new Identity to see if the problem occurs there.
    These article deal with setting time.
    Correct Time displays in Entourage calendar by adjusting the correct System Preferences
    Entourage Calendar issues on Snow Leopard
    Date bug in Entourage 2008 causes birthday information loss

  • rula

    i am having a problem wit the time in ical, every time i add an event in entourage it sync wih ical, which is fine, but it keeps changing the event to 2 hours backwards. if i have an appointment at 3pm, it puts it at 1pm in ical, any idea???
    i have already fixed the time zone to my country but still nothing
    will be waiting for your solutions asap

  • Ryan

    I have all my calendars synced and everything is getting added to my iphone, but for some reason, when i add an event on my iphone and sync it to entourage, it doesn’t get added into entourage. i see the event on my iphone, but it won’t get added to my computer. am i missing a step?
    thanks for any help!

  • Luke

    I’ve read the article and did some searching but it didn’t really help me. You are describing what I’m experiencing; everything is in iCal (after syncing with my phone) but nothing seems to happen in Entrourage. You can see ‘Entourage’ in iCal, but what ever I do, like making a new event in Entourage or iCall nothing appears in one another. I’ve done all steps, like editing sync services in entourage. I guess I’m missing something.
    What am I doing wrong?

  • Entourage can only see the Entourage calendar in iCal. All events in iCal must be in the iCal Entourage calendar to sync to the Entourage calendar.
    You also have to enable Sync Services in Entourage preferences.

  • All I can say is THANK YOU Michael. I think you’ve solved my problem! Can you believe that APPLE of all people told me to delete the entourage calendar? so now I’ve lost all my calendar events for good! No warnings, no nothing. Frankly no help.
    They really don’t have much of an idea on how to resolve the ical/ iphone/ entourage syncing thing. So thank goodness for people like you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Holly

    Michael – Thank you for your explanation of how ical and entourage sync. I have had my iphone since December and just got my macbook a couple of days ago. They sync between my iphone and ical worked just fine, but I couldn’t see any appointments in entourage. I had already enabled the sync settings in entourage as instructed by Apple. After reading your article, I ended up going through each event in ical and changing them to the entourage calendar. Viola – everything showed up in entourage. I ran a test and if I enter new appointments in entourage or ical, they sync fine between each other and with the iphone. If I enter an appointment on my iphone, it is synced with the ical calendar even though I have itunes set to sync with both. This is a rather minor irritation as far as I am concerned, because I can set ical to just show me the ical calendar appointments and then recategorize them as entourage calendar appointments.

  • Janelle

    This was very helpful to me. I have iCAL, Entourage, an iPHONE, and am networking and also synching with a work PC and soon a minimac server. I am noticing a number of glitches in synchronizing iCAL, OUtlook, Entourage and iPHONE information and it is extremely frustrating. There were several good tips in here that kept me from throwing a mac out my 2nd story window.

  • Ian Rood

    Just thought I’d add another to this huge list of posts.
    I’ve resolved my Entourage 2008 and iPhone issues. It was pretty simple. My problem was that my original setup wasn’t set to combine….like I said, simple, but you only get to make that selection when you first setup sync services in Entourage. There is no way to tell what you’re set to after the initial setup (I was set for Entourage to overwrite iCal).
    So…..the steps.
    1. Disable sync services in Entourage.
    2. Delete your Entourage Calendar in iCal (make sure you do step 1 first or you’re gonna potentially lose all your events)
    3. Sync your iPhone
    4. Enable sync services in Entourage and make sure you pick combine.
    5. Sync your iPhone
    6. (Optional) I deleted my Work and Home calendars in iCal just because I can’t use them with Entourage anyway.
    After several tests in both directions with multiple events and modifying settings within events, all the syncs are working as they should.

  • Hi Ian,
    After the first sync, items will combine.
    Each time you check/uncheck preferences for Sync Services, you can select other options.