Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.9 update released

Microsoft has released the 11.3.9 update for Office 2004. (2.49 MB) The update requires that the Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.8 Update be installed first. Download them both from Mactoptia, use the Microsoft AutoUpdate application or simply select the Check For Updates command from the Help menu in any Office 2004 application.

According to the update’s Read Me file this update patches a printing problem in Microsoft Word only. It does not affect Microsoft Entourage 2004, which will still appear as version 11.3.6 after the update is applied.
For more information about how Microsoft handles Office updates read Confused over Microsoft Updates?

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4 comments to Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.9 update released

  • Coco Gordon

    Was prompted over & over today to download an update for my ENTOURAGE 2004 THAT WOULD CHANGE THE LOOK OF EVERYTHING on Entourage- I denied the download since it gave me no way of finding further explanation of changes. Until I know what the changes are I won’t download-as a senior I got used to all the settings and find it difficult to make large changes.
    what are the changes?
    cannot find on your list.
    thank you

  • Hi Coco!
    I’ve never seen any update purporting to “CHANGE THE LOOK OF EVERYTHING”. If indeed you’re seeing text like that then this is not coming from Microsoft.
    Follow this link where you can read about the 11.4 update in the main window and then look to the right under “Newest” to see information about the 11.3.9 update.

  • Coco Gordon

    Thanks good info-
    am looking into the 2 updates I may need now via your site.
    What struck me as curious was I could not get my mac Book Pro running Tiger OSx.4 to continue without at least 8 times not being able to get rid of the download prompt even after checking the boxes to not download and to exit- it seemed locked in, Finally by force-closing the application & re-entering it I HAD ONE MORE PROMPT THAT FINALLY WORKED WHEN I CHECKED NOT TO DOWNLOAD. The wording as it was given I cannot remember but the gist WAS that all settings would change and how I viewed the program would be all different.

  • Hi Coco!
    Glad this helped.
    I’m very curious about what you were seeing. I’m looking at the Microsoft AutoUpdate application window now and what you’re describing is not Microsoft’s AutoUpdate application. It does not have any checkboxes but instead has a drop down menu to select how frequently to check for updates: Daily/Weekly/Monthly. In fact, no where in the Microsoft AutoUpdate application window does it even say “Download”.
    If you see this window again then keep it open and look at the name of the application menu (the first menu just to the right of the Apple menu).
    I suspect what you may have been seeing was Apple’s Sync Services window alerting you that you have conflicting events or contacts. You may be offered a choice between using Entourage as the “correct” source of information or “Address Book” or “iCal” as the correct sources of information. If this is the case then your problem will not be fixed by updating Office.