Connect Entourage 2004 to Gmail’s IMAP service

Since Google’s announcement in late October that it would offer free IMAP service for users of its Gmail service, news sites, blogs and forums have been abuzz with the expanded capabilities. Gmail’s message search engine, generous 5GB storage capacity and excellent spam filtering makes dealing with E-mail easy and Google is also enticing iPhone users to its IMAP service by providing detailed setup instructions. Now, because of IMAP, Gmail users can take advantage of all these features from multiple computers and devices while maintaining just one message store.


Standard POP/SMTP E-mail services download and delete mail from the mail servers by default. IMAP’s difference is its ability to let the user read and sort his mail on the server and synchronize his changes with several computers. That means:

  • Messages read on any computer will appear as read on the other computers
  • Mail folders created on any computer will synchronize to the other computers
  • Messages moved and sorted among those mail folders will be moved and sorted on the other computers

To configure Entourage 2004 to connect to Gmail via IMAP, go to, open an account or login and follow these instructions…

Enable IMAP on your Gmail account

  1. After logging in to your Gmail account, click the Settings link in the upper right corner of the page.

  2. Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP link. If you see a Forwarding and POP link instead then your Gmail account server has not yet been enabled for IMAP support. Check back in a day or two.

  3. POP access (download and delete) and IMAP access (synchronize) can both be enabled at the same time. I suggest disabling POP to avoid potentially downloading and deleting messages on one computer and synchronizing those changes to the rest of your computers and devices.
    Enable IMAP access and click the Save Changes button.

  4. click the Sign out link in the upper right corner of the page.

Now, you are ready to configure Entourage 2004 to connect to Gmail via IMAP.

[Note added: Click on Settings >  Labs link to enable “Advanced IMAP Controls”. This is a new feature added to Gmail after this article was written.]

Configure Entourage 2004

  1. Launch Entourage 2004 and select the Accounts menu item from the Tools menu.

  2. Select the Mail… menu item from the New menu.

  3. Click the Configure account manually button in the Account Setup Assistant window. (This window may or may not appear.)

  4. Select the IMAP menu item and click the OK button.

  5. In the Account Settings section of the Edit Account window, enter the following:
    • Account name: [an easily identifiable name]
    • Name: [your name as you like others to see it]
    • E-mail address: [your Gmail E-mail address]

    In the Receiving mail section enter the following:

    • Account ID: [your Gmail E-mail address]
    • IMAP server:

    Click the Click here for advanced receiving options button and select:

    • This IMAP service requires a secure connection (SSL)

    Close the mini window.

    In the Sending mail section enter the following:

    • SMTP server:

    Click the Click here for advanced sending options button and select:

    • SMTP service requires a secure connection (SSL)
    • Override default SMTP port and enter 465
    • SMTP server requires authentication (Use same settings are receiving mail server

    Close the mini window. Click the OK button to close the Edit Account window. Close the Accounts window.

  6. You should be immediately prompted to log in to your Gmail account. Enter your account password (optionally, you can save your password) and then click the OK button.

    Configure advanced IMAP settings

    At this point Entourage is basically configured. But if you look at the folder list you’ll see something strange. In addition to Entourage’s Deleted Items, Drafts, Sent Items and Junk E-mail folders, you’ll see a [Gmail] folder with similar folders Drafts, Sent Mail, Spam and Trash.

    To avoid this double tree structure and enable some additional IMAP features, you’ll want to edit your Gmail account.

    1. Return to the Edit Account window by selecting the Accounts menu item from the Tools menu and double-click the name of your Gmail account.
    2. Select the Options section of the Edit Account window.
      To eliminate the double tree structure enter [Gmail] with the brackets into the Root folder: field. This eliminates Entourage 2004’s default folders and tells it to use the folder structure from the Gmail IMAP server.
      I also suggest enabling the following items:

      • Always download complete messages, In Inbox only
        This will improve performance while not using your Gmail account. Only when you open a message will it download entirely. If you receive lots of large attachments then be sure to select this option.
      • Live Sync (stay connected with server)
        Rather than waiting for Entourage’s Send & Receive All schedule to retrieve your Gmail mail every 10 minutes, this option will sync incoming E-mail immediately when it arrives at the Gmail servers.
      • Live Sync (stay connected with server), Only connect to Inbox
        This improves performance, especially for larger mailboxes.
      • Live Sync (stay connected with server), Connect immediately on launch
        Your new mail will be waiting for you as soon as possible when you launch Entourage. Otherwise, Entourage won’t connect to your Gmail account until you click into your Gmail folders.

    3. Select the Advanced section of the Edit Account window.
      I suggest enabling:

      • Empty “Deleted Items” folder on quit
        You’ll not only be deleting unwanted items from your computer but all other computers that sync with your Gmail account as well.

        Entourage will prompt you to delete your unwanted messages when you quit.

    After making adjustments to your Gmail account’s settings you may need to quit Entourage and relaunch it.
    For more information about configuring other E-mail clients and mobile devices refer to Google’s Supported IMAP Client List.

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167 comments to Connect Entourage 2004 to Gmail’s IMAP service

  • Rob van Aalst

    Thanks for sharing this information!
    Is there a solution that prevents the imap inbox directly be tranferred to the regular inbox?

  • Hi Rob!
    You’re very welcome.
    Mail will not move on its own between your IMAP accounts and the “Folders on My Computer”. Therefore, I believe you must either have a Rule (check Tools –> Rules) or a Mailing List Manager rule (check Tools –> Mailing List Manager) that is moving your messages. MLM rules are easy to create accidentally and often lead to unexpected behavior.
    If this doesn’t resolve your problem or if you have further questions, be sure to post a follow up in the Microsoft Entourage newsgroup found here . That way, others are able to benefit from your questions and the answers that you receive.
    Good luck!

  • Peter

    Thank you for this helpful tutorial. I’ve set things up just as you describe (except for listing “[Gmail]” in the root folder field, because I found that means I can no longer see my IMAP folders/Gmail labels in Entourage). I have the folder mappings correct, but something strange keeps happening.
    In, when I “Archive” something, it ends up in’s Trash. That never happened before, of course, so I think it must be the result of something with the folders in Entourage. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Peter!
    I’ve never heard of the problem you’re describing but it’s probably not Entourage. Test this by making sure Entourage is quit and trying to reproduce the problem. If it still happens then this must be a problem with Gmail. Subscribe to the Gmail Help Discussion list and post your question there.
    If you find that this problem occurs only when Entourage is running then that needs to be reported as a bug. I’d appreciate knowing what you find out.

  • michael

    except for listing “[Gmail]” in the root folder field, because I found that means I can no longer see my IMAP folders/Gmail labels in Entourage
    I had that same issue until, in Gmail, I added INBOX/ to labels which allowed them to show up in Entourage.
    Thanks for this tutorial!

  • Chaz

    Thanks for this helpful tutorial!
    In addition to Gmail, I use an Exchange account for school. I want to transfer all my .edu emails to my Gmail account. Should I do this through Entourage?

  • Hi Chaz!
    I’m not sure what your need is to move messages from Exchange to Gmail but you can surely do it through Entourage. Just drag messages from one account to the other.
    If you have access to an Outlook client on Windows you could probably set up some server-side rules (something Entourage can’t do) to automatically forward, redirect or BCC messages to your Gmail account as well.
    Keep in mind that copying messages from Exchange will only benefit you if you’re anticipating changing schools. You can most likely access your Exchange account from outside your institution (see Connecting Entourage to an Exchange Server from Home) and your Exchange Server is most likely backed up by your administrators.
    Thanks for posting your comments! They’re all appreciated.

  • Chaz

    Hi William,
    Thanks for the response. I should a bit clearer. I’d like to switch to gmail entirely, for a number of reasons, one of them storage capacity. My Exchange account let’s me redirect all future mail to a gmail account, but disables my Exchange inbox. I want to transfer my e-mails from my Exchange inbox to Gmail, but the problem is that the dates of the e-mails aren’t preserved. I tried a few tests, and my gmail account says the transfered e-mail was received in the gmail inbox on the date I transfered it, not the date the e-mail was sent to me originally. Is there a way to preserve the dates when transfering e-mails?

  • Hi Chaz!
    The “Received” date will show the date received or copied but the “Sent” date is probably what you want to use instead. Right-click or Control-click the column headers area and select “Sent”. Optionally, you can uncheck “Received”.

  • Shahryar

    Just followed all the instructions here and everything’s up and running.
    My two complaints:
    I’m not seeing my GMAIL “folders” (or labels as they are better known) within Entourage.
    Now when I log into GMAIL, I see Entourage labels created.

  • Hi Shahryar!
    That’s actually the subject of one of my next posts. Have a look at Create Gmail labels and make Entourage folders.
    In your case, since you already have Gmail labels, you will need to log in to Gmail and append “[Gmail]/” to the beginning of your labels. Then they should appear in Entourage.
    Good luck and thanks for posting!

  • Scott TF

    Hi William,
    I am not having any luck uploading messages from my local inbox to my GMail IMAP inbox. It seems to upload the messages but when I check my webmail/imap folder nothing is there. Any ideas?
    By the way I had the same problem as Rob above and after an hour and 15 minutes with MS tech support I found out it was my mailing list manager that was the culprit. Check that and your rules.

  • Shahryar

    Thanks for letting me know about the next post William. I will take care of my folders following the advice there.
    Sliding messages off of local folders into GMAIL isn’t as easy as I thought it would be with this IMAP update. I took a message from a few months back and dropped it into my GMAIL inbox. Here’s what happened:
    – When I log into the web-based GMAIL, it’s the 1st message there on top, even though it is a really old message.
    – In Entourage, when I followed the instructions in the comments section that were given to Chaz (on changing the header from received to sent), then I was able to see the message though instead of showing me the date, it showed me the time in the messages list.
    I guess this isn’t too big a deal and I could live, but has anybody found the perfect solution for maintaining all message header info when moving messages from local to GMAIL?

  • Peter

    William —
    I posted above about the weird problem I was having with messages I’d moved into Archive ending up in the Trash. I finally figured out it was due to a rule I’d forgotten about. Deleting the rule solved that problem.
    Shahryar, I have the same question and problem as you. Why do messages that are years old, that I am moving from local folders into Gmail, show up in Gmail as if they were recently received? This doesn’t seem to happen with all messages I’ve moved, but it definitely happens with some. The dates in the message headers seem to be fine, but Gmail shows different dates in the list view.
    — Peter

  • ian

    william —
    very helpful guide.
    i’m getting some weird behavior, though. in particular, ever since i created this setup, gmail itself (on the server side) has for some reason been moving around 400 old messages from my inbox into the gmail spam folder. l moved them back to the inbox last night, and when i checked again today, a bunch of messages were back in there. any idea as to why that would be?
    also, any theories why the status bar on the bottom of entourage constantly reads “searching folder on server” as it scans through a number of messages and then repeats?
    or why on bottom left of status bar, it reads “19485 items displayed, one selected, (account name)/[gmail]/spam” when my spam folder is not selected?
    thanks for any insight you can shed.

  • Mike Jacobs

    Thanks for the into on setting up Entourage for gmail IMAP.
    I followed the instructions (Entourage X) but have hit a snag.
    My inbox comes in fine, but I get the bird chirp and the message “mail can’t be received at this time” and “The IMAP server’s response was missing expected command and was not understandable” when trying to download the sent messages or all mail folders.
    I also have a pc laptop and the gmail IMAP setup is working fine.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

  • Peter –
    I only tried moving one message off of a local folder onto my IMAP Gmail and then stopped when I noticed the message was appearing as a brand new message in my web-based Gmail. So you’re saying this happens with some but not all messages?
    I hope there’s a solution for this soon because I am dying to get all my messages off of my local computer and onto Gmail so they can all be readily available to me wherever I am.
    Plus I Want to be able to find them fast and with ease.

  • Scott TF

    By the found a workaround for uploading messages to gmail imap through Entourage 2004. I uploaded them to my email address via IMAP and then set Gmail to pull down my email from there. It preserved all the headers and times. Hope that helps!

  • Glad to see lots of discoveries about using Gmail’s IMAP. Between Entourage’s rules, the general behavior of IMAP and Gmail’s labeling a lot of unique problems are cropping up.
    Scott, good to know that rules can still cause some strange behaviors. It’s a common problem with Entourage, especially the MLM rules. Your .Mac workaround is genius! But you should still be able to upload from Entourage so long as you’re moving messages to a folder with an equivalent “[Gmail]/label” name. This is a strange one.
    Shahryar and Peter, I took a look a what you’re talking about and the problem seems to be that Gmail doesn’t offer a “Sent” column view like Entourage does. You’re stuck with “Received” times. That would be a good feature request. Not sure how to submit it. Anyone?
    Ian, no idea what’s happening with your messages being flagged as spam. Rather than moving them back to the Inbox have you tried selecting them all and marking them as “Not Spam”? As for the constant searching, if you have a lot of mail (thousands of messages) then you may want to make only your frequently used labels “[Gmail]/label” and leave the rest as just “label”. Doesn’t look like you can do this for the “Spam” label though. 🙁
    The bottom left status message is a little out of whack IMHO. It’s really displaying information about multiple items, not just one. It’s giving you information about your currently selected folder as well as what it’s working on. If you have Live Sync enabled for all your folders and not just the Inbox then that’s probably why it’s constantly working.
    Mike, no idea about how this will work in Entourage X. I don’t have it on any of my computers for testing anymore. Check what’s selected under Options in your Account settings. Maybe something there can be selected or deselected to make this work for you. (Be sure to check out Diane’s latest post about the Black Friday special from Microsoft!)
    Thanks to everyone for their insight and experiences! I appreciate what you have to share.

  • Bill

    I configured Gmail IMAP in Entourage 04 for myself just fine, then helped my cousin configure on his computer and for some reason his Gmail Inbox is not showing newly received email – rather it is showing up in his Inbox within “Folders on My Computer” and there are 2 copies of each newly received message.
    Furthermore, once these messages are “moved” from Gmail to the Inbox in Folders on My Computer, they are disappearing from the Gmail inbox – as if they had been manually dragged from the IMAP to local inbox.
    Same thing is happening with messages that he SENDS using Gmail IMAP (from Entourage) appear in the Gmail IMAP sent folder momentarily, but then get a red “X” and slash through the message and disappear from the IMAP sent folder, then reappear in the Inbox, with 2 copies of each – and disappear from Gmail.
    As far as I can tell our software is configured identically.
    We’re both using Entourage 11.3.6. I’m on Lepoard 10.5.1, he’s on Tiger 10.4.11.
    Any ideas why this is happening?
    Thanks…Bill (& Kevin) Swersey

  • Hi Bill (& Kevin)!
    This sounds like a classic example of a rule moving messages. Be sure to check both Tools –> Rules and Tools –> Mailing List Manager. Most likely, you’ve accidentally set a MLM rule. It’s easy to do without noticing.

  • ruby

    this is all very helpful, thanks! i am up and running except fot one thing…
    when my gmail/entourage tries to send mail and says “connecting securely to” it cannot establish a connection and send out my mail, and then error 111 pops up and says the server may have timed out, etc… my mail just stays in the outbox.
    perhaps, something is wrong in my security tab area???—that is the only area you do not show an example of above, so i may have it wrong. currently, i have the 2nd and 3rd boxes (out of 4) checked on my security page.
    i would really appreciate any possible help. thanks!

  • Aiman Nassar

    Thank you for your tutorial, yet, I have another problem with Entourage.
    I have my personal Pop email account, a Yahoo! account and both Gmail and Hotmail accounts.
    When I get a new email from Hotmail, it goes to it’s directory on the left pane, but when I get mails from Yahoo, and Gmail, they go directly to my primary email account!!!.
    How can I separate the incoming mails to their own individual account.
    Thank you for your help again.

  • Hi Aiman!
    Only three things will move messages in Entourage. A rule, a mailing list rule and the junk E-mail protection.
    I suspect you have accidentally created a mailing list rule, which is easy to do. Check Tools –> Mailing List Rules and delete or disable anything that looks suspicious.

  • ty

    just got a macbook. first mac ever. loce it so far. I have been trying to set up my entourage/gmail imap account. thanks for the tutorial. but, i get the message,”The IMAP server’s response was missing the expected command and was not understandable.” not sure what to do with that. can someone help me? looks like entourage is really cool, and i’m looking forward to using it.

  • PR

    Re Scott’s post on Nov 21 – when you said you “set gmail to pull down mail” from your .mac account, what do you mean by that and can you post instructions. Thanks!

  • Shahryar

    Hey guys, in response to our earlier problems about maintaining the dates when moving files off of the local POP to GMAIL…
    I’m not sure where I foudn this trick, but I heard that you can maintain message headers with proper dates if you pull email via pop. So I think a solution that could work is if you drop email from your pop folder onto a temporary gmail account via IMAP.. and then have your REAL gmail account set to just pull email off of that account via pop.
    I’m trying to try and test this now. I’ll post my results later – anyone else have any thoughts or suggestions? My dream with this whole “accessing GMAIL via imap” thing is to get all my mail off my local computer and onto the web so I can access it anywhere.

  • Shahryar

    Hey guys,
    Hey guys, in response to our earlier problems about maintaining the dates when moving files off of the local POP to GMAIL…
    I’m not sure where I foudn this trick, but I had heard that you can maintain message headers with proper dates if you pull email via pop. I just tested it out and it works. So here’s what you do..
    1) Set up a temporary gmail account and set up Entourage to access it (so for my srizvi1, a good example would be srizvi1temp)
    2) You drag and drop email from your pop folder onto your temp gmail account via IMAP.. (here, the date will show innaccurate as today’s date)
    3) Then have your REAL gmail account set to just pull email off of that account via pop without leaving anything behind (in this final place, your date will show properly both on the web-based gmail and your entourage.

  • lineprophet

    Thanks for the guide! Very informative.
    For some of the issues I’ve been reading about above, perhaps some of them can be addressed with the recommended client settings from gmail? Link to it here:
    Just a thought. I’m somewhat new to the IMAP world also.

  • D B

    on November 22, 2007 20:40 ruby: posted
    “when my gmail/entourage tries to send mail it cannot establish a connection and send out my mail… my mail just stays in the outbox.”
    I have this same problem but my error message is:-3176 Entourage cannot find the server. Mail could not be sent.
    The Entourage/Gmail accounts cannot send mail…but the non-Gmail account addresses can be used by Entourage to send mail.
    AppleMail and ThunderBird do not have this problem…so I need to setup Entourage correctly so Gmail can be sent using Entourage!

  • Shahryar

    In the “2nd part” of this tutorial, when you discuss going back into accounts to make the [Gmail] root folder change and such..
    I was wondering what suggestions you would have if I was making this my temp account in which I will be dragging and dropping emails into which will be pulled by the proper destination gmail account via Pop (as mentioned a few comments above by me and ScottTF – sorry Scott, I missed your post before I gave in my solution as well)..
    Would I want to do all the changes you suggest? like “always download message bodies,” etc.

  • Kev

    I followed your tutorial and I love it but I am having one major problem and that is I am trying to send email from entourage 2008 and my sent message are not going to my sent mail folder like any other email would go. Instead it is going to my Junk E-mail How can I fix this? I am using gmail IMAP Settings.

  • Andrew Visser

    Thanks, this is a really helpful page.
    I’ve been opened up to the wonders of imap.
    However, I do have one question I am hoping someone may be able to help with.
    I have my own domain and my own email which corresponds to that domain. I’ve set my email to forward to my gmail account which works just fine (and is working hassle free with entourage too!)
    My problem being, that when I send an email out (or reply to one) it sends it from my gmail account and I want to send it through my own domain email. I set up reply forwarding in my gmail settings (which works fine when using webmail) but it doesn’t work when sending from entourage. I can manually set it to send from a different account in entourage, but I’m wondering if there is a setting in entourage accounts that means I can receive via gmail but send out via my own domain name, without having to do anything. I know if I leave this unchecked I will end up sending email to people using my gmail name and not my domain name.
    Sorry, I hope this makes sense.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    P.S. I looked on the gmail forum, but it seemed to imply that I had to make the changes at my end.

  • dianer

    Hello, Andrew, In the Gmail Settings-Accounts, you can select “Reply from the same address the message was sent to”. I believe this will get you the behavior you want.

  • Nora

    I love it! I got GMAIL/IMAP/ENTOURAGE all working beautifully on my desktop, laptop, and treo phone using tips above. Has been working great for days, but I have one problem I can’t seem to figure out. I have a message that I deleted off gmail (totally deleted), that’s still sticking around in my inbox on my machine — I can’t get it to go away at all. Any clues on what is going on? It only shows up on my desktop, not my treo. I haven’t checked the laptop yet.

  • Hi Nora!
    What’s unique about IMAP accounts is that when you “delete” something you’re really “marking” it for deletion. Different E-mail clients handle this is in their own ways.
    If I delete a Gmail message from my iPhone then it disappears from my list. But the iPhone is really hiding it from my view. The message is still in my Inbox. Later, If I check my Gmail account with Entourage I clearly see the message in the Inbox but it has a red “X” and strike-through indicating that it has been “marked” for deletion.
    You’ll either need to specifically move the message to your “Deleted Items” (or similarly named) folder or find if your client can purge those deleted items when you quit. Entourage allows you to edit your IMAP account to “Purge Deleted Items folder on quit” in your account’s Advanced settings.

  • Nora

    Hi William! The problem is it has been totally deleted off my Gmail account – no trace of it anywhere. So, it doesn’t show up on my treo or my laptop, but it’s showing up on my desktop and when I hit delete or tyr to move it to my “Trash” folder, I get an error message that says:
    No messages match. (Failure)
    AN error occured on the IMAP server.
    I can’t make the stupid thing go away for the life of me! It is driving me crazy. 🙁
    I tried the “Purge Deleted Items on Quit” and the darn thing is STILL there!!!

  • Hi Nora!
    Log in to Gmail using a web browser. Can you delete it there?
    You might also try right-clicking or Control-clicking the folder with the problem message and selecting the “Repair Message List” option.
    If that doesn’t work then delete your account from Entourage and set it up again. Since this is an IMAP account your mail will download again (we hope without the problem).

  • Nora

    Thanks! “Repair Message List” did the trick. 🙂

  • adam

    When I set up Gmail IMAP with Entourage 2008, exactly as described above, I can’t see any of the mail from my account except those in the Inbox. For example, when I send an email, there is no copy in the sent of the client although it appears in the gmail website. The root folder is [gmail], with the sent mails being routed to [gmail]/sent, etc.
    Any ideas??

  • Hi Adam!
    First, make sure you’re using “[Gmail]” and not “[gmail]”. I’m not sure how case sensitive this will be.
    Also, is the folder you’ve selected “[Gmail]/Sent” or “[Gmail]/Sent Mail”?
    Entourage working with Gmail accounts doesn’t seem to keep folders synchronized. If you select your folders then Entourage will insist on refreshing the list from the server first. It’s instantaneous once you click in a folder but items don’t appear quite instantly.

  • Troy Williams

    I am having one problem with Entourage 2008 and Gmail.
    I have set [Gmail]/Spam to be the Junk E-Mail folder in Entourage and that is working correctly, but when I select “Empty Junk E-Mail”, all the email in [Gmail]/Spam will go away, only to return a few minutes later. I have to go to the Gmail web client to delete the Spam.
    I like to look at my Spam several times (if not more) a day to make sure nothing is getting caught that shouldn’t. Letting hundreds of spam email build up over several days makes this much more difficult to sift through.
    On an unrelated note: Is it just me whose mind is *boggled* by the fact that E2008 does not support sharing calendars via WebCal or the like?
    Thanks for all the good information,

  • Hi Troy!
    I too have my junk E-mail set to go to [Gmail]/Spam and I’ve found that I can not use the “Empty ‘Junk E-mail'” feature for the same reason you mention. Instead, I look in the folder, select all the messages and tap the Delete key. This moves them to the Trash and and it is set to empty when I quit Entourage.
    While I haven’t tried this yet (but I’ve now changed this preference to test), you might try setting your Gmail account’s spam to move to [Gmail]/Trash. Of course, if you’re worried that the spam filter may actually give a false positive and move legitimate mail to the Trash then I wouldn’t suggest this.
    As for your other comment, I’m not surprised that Entourage doesn’t connect to web calendars yet. But I think it will some day. Microsoft is certainly not cutting edge and for them to adopt syncing with web calendars will take a lot of user feedback. As I say often in the newsgroups: Please be sure to let Microsoft know you’d like to see this feature in future versions by using the Help –> Send Feedback mechanism in any Office application.
    And thanks for the kudos!

  • Don B

    Thank you so much for the instruction,
    I finally configured it successfully, thanks to you. Thank you, man
    Don B.

  • s16ri

    Thanks for the guide. Now I can send/receive my Gmails on Entourage 2008. Thanks.

  • zane

    Entourage can download attachments fine through gmail but when i try to open them in entourage it always comes up with en error eg. word files say it cannot open document file might be used elsewhere or just doent open at all but i can open them fine through my gmail page
    Any ideas?

  • Hi Zane!
    The best I can recommend is checking the top of your message for a link that says “Download complete message”. If you see this then your attachment has only partially downloaded and you’ll need to get the whole thing.
    If that doesn’t work then be sure to post your question in the Microsoft Entourage group so that others can offer their advice.
    Good luck!

  • Nathaniel Craig

    Thank you for this extremely easy to use guide, I wish that the user manuals looked a lot like this! I have a mac for my wife and I both and I setup her email and mine with no problems, however, she has a work email with gmail too so I was wondering if you have any tips on using multiple account with Entourage, b/c she can receive the email, but not send. Thanks for the help!

  • Thanks for the kudos, Nathaniel!
    Entourage supports multiple accounts and they don’t interact with each other. You should be able to set up both Gmail accounts with the same settings.
    Sending problems are usually caused by incorrect settings in the SMTP server field or the extra settings you can access by clicking the button below it. If these are correct then I suspect your wife may be trying to access her Gmail account from a location that blocks sending through anything but their own outbound E-mail servers. This is a common practice in corporate networks.

  • Nathaniel Craig

    Mr. Smith, just wanted to say thank you again and I went back through and “carefully” looked over your instructions and saw that I had put the incorrect SMTP port number. I guess I rushed through the second email account setup, thanks again for the quick feed back. I will make sure to post your web site were ever I can to get the word! Great job, top notch, can’t say enough great things…need less to say, “happy wife, happy life.” Have a great day Mr. Smith!

  • Kevan Dalby

    Hi William
    I noticed your posts for Entourage and Gmail and hope that you could possibly help answer and even solve my dilema. Various posts on the net seem to be conflicting.
    First, can Entourage 2004 be linked to hotmail/ms live via imap to have the same emails and folders on my laptop as in my online account.
    Second, if it can be done….what are the settings as i cannot seem to get it working but i put that down to being a mac type person and totally new to entourage.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

  • Hi kev!
    I’d like to keep comments on topic with Gmail as much as possible. For Hotmail I suggest you have a look at Diane’s instructions on the Entourage Help Page for setting up a Hotmail Account.
    If that doesn’t work then be sure to post your question in the Microsoft Entourage group so that others can offer their advice.
    Good luck!

  • pr

    Going back to the question by Andrew on January 21 re replying from the same email address an email was sent to – and the response from dianer that the settings in gmail should take care of this: they don’t – at least for me. When I reply from gmail itself, it works fine, but when I reply from Entourage – Gmail/imap, the email always goes out as from my gmail address. Anyone else having this problem and/or found a solution – e.g. settings within Entourage? Thanks

  • Troy Osten

    I have multiple accounts being POPped into Gmail (yahoo, comcast, work, etc.)
    Gmail has a feature that allows me to respond as if it came from that account directly. How do I get Entourage to reply as if from the same account it came from?

  • Thanks! This blog has been a huge help to me transitioning from POP to IMAP. I use an iPhone a lot now and like the ability to access my mail on the fly.
    I have multiple email accounts coming through Gmail now for the spam filtering.
    After transitioning my accounts to Gmail and IMAP, I am left with a bunch of (local) Entourage folders and subfolders. Rules set up to automatically send emails to their proper folder (from my old POP accounts which I’ve replaced with IMAP versions.
    If I create new rules for my IMAP accounts, can they send to these same local folders and if so will these emails no longer be viewable online or from my iPhone?
    Should I set up all these folders again as Google tabs and then copy the local content into those so all content is always at my fingertips regardless of the device I am accessing my mail from?
    And if so is security a concern?

  • Orijnal

    Thanks a lot. Super helpful! Now all of my mail accounts are peacefully co-existing and fully functional from within Entourage.

  • Charlie

    Hi William,
    First of all, major thanks for all your advice, is this a hobby for you, or do you have some connection at all with the company? A very kind hobby if it is!
    Everything you have suggested has worked great except..
    Synching my ALL MAIL folder on Entourage. Everytime I delete all, (have tried immediate purge, purge after leaving imap, purge when leaving entourage)- they all come back when I either a) hit on the folder again, or close and reopen entourage.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Also-(unconnected-is it ok to ask..) If i email myself from another one of my accounts (for testing purposes), it always places it in the junk email (on my comp) folder saying “beware of the links in this message- this appears to be junk” The only link is my email address in my sig… And the add is saved in my contacts anyway. The same happens in the gmail acc. When i forward emails from my other accs (i created folders, then you said) they goto spam and not into the folders…
    Sorry for all this! It would be wonderful if you could help.
    Many Thanks

  • William Smith

    Hi Charlie!
    Thanks for the kudos! Is this a hobby? Maybe it is.
    I started using newsgroups years ago to ask questions about my problems and then just began answering questions. After some years, Microsoft awarded me as an MVP for my contributions and I’ve been going since then. I don’t get paid but I do get to meet with Microsoft developers, product managers and tons of other MVPs from around the world. Microsoft fosters a relationship with those who help others with their products but it’s strictly volunteer.
    Your delete problem sounds like you may have not set your Deleted Items folder to [Gmail]/Trash. When I delete items such as spam, I select it, hit the Delete key and I briefly see them marked for deletion (red X and strike-through) and then they disappear. I also set my IMAP account to purge on quit.
    I’m not quite sure what would cause your messages to be going to the junk folder but the “Beware of links…” message is a red herring. I believe you will see this whether or not the message contains links because spam would be pretty useless without links. Carefully check your contact information for extra spaces in the E-mail addresses and also check your Tools –> Junk E-mail Protection… settings. I have mine set to Low with no Safe Domains and no Blocked Senders and my spam is practically nothing. I also have my ISP’s spam filtering enabled on my account.
    If you continue having problems with your spam filtering then be sure to post your question to the Entourage newsgroup and see if someone else has solved the same problem.

  • Richard Garrett

    Can you explain: listing “[Gmail]” in the root folder field? I’m trying to eliminate this same double tree structure in Entourage 2008 using Gmail IMAP. I guess I don’t quite understand where the “root folder” resides.

  • Charlie

    Hi William,
    Thank you for that, regarding my gmail acc-it does seem to be working, except I dont have a TRASH, i have BIN. I think that is the same… Ill let you know if it starts to play up.
    I actually had no real desire to change to gmail. I have had a hotmail acc for 10 years, and it works a treat for me, but it has a very stupid name! And if I open a new one it wont sync with my blackberry or entourage etc. I have to say I do find gmail annoying… Not as simple as hotmail. Anyway im sure ill get used to it.
    Many Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • William Smith

    Hi Richard!
    In this case “root” simply means the base folder or the starting point. If you scroll back up and compare the screenshots of the two folder lists side-by-side you’ll see that making “[Gmail]” the root folder simply means to make it with the top level of folders.

  • Jared

    Ruby mentioned this earlier, and it is the same problem I am having now, but I never saw a response to that question. This was the problem.
    “when my gmail/entourage tries to send mail and says “connecting securely to” it cannot establish a connection and send out my mail, and then error 111 pops up and says the server may have timed out, etc… my mail just stays in the outbox.”
    How can I fix this?
    My set-up is exactly how you have described. What do I do now?
    BTW, everything else on this page is awesome.

  • Diane Ross

    Error 111 is in the network error range. I would install either
    tcpflow or EavesDrop to see exactly what is failing.
    Have you tried toggling connect securely? Sometime checking a secured connection is not needed.

  • Thanks for this useful information.
    One question. I am trying to direct all my email into one folder set on entourage. I have one email account that is my domain (, which is routed through gmail servers by my ISP, using IMAP. I have a second standard gmail account.
    I have read your post on setting the root folder to “[gmail]” but this is not working for me. In my account settings for domain email, I use my domain email as my account ID and “” for my server.
    So I am not sure what to use in the root folder of both accounts, so it all dumps into one set of folders (inbox, sent, outbox, etc) on entourage? Right now the domain is going into its own set, and the gmail is going into the default set of folders.
    Many thanks, Brooks

  • Jon

    I have my work email, which is not an IMAP, forwarded into a Gmail account and am using Entourage 2008. How do I get the messages I send from the Gmail IMAP (through Entourage) to have my work address in the “From” line of the message? All of the messages I send have the Gmail address to which things are being forwarded. I went into the account preferences and changed the email address in the personal information, but that didn’t seem to fix the problem. Any suggestions?

  • William M. Smith

    Hi Brooks!
    I’m a little confused by what you’ve set up.
    Make sure you’ve used “[Gmail]” not “[gmail]” for starters. I’m not sure if this is case-sensitive but doesn’t hurt to be cautious. Also, “” would be an E-mail address and not a server address. The Gmail server address is “” for receiving and “” for sending.
    If you have your ISP forwarding E-mail to Gmail and then you’re receiving the mail in Entourage from Gmail then I assume when you send or reply you want the “From” address to show your account. Since you’re already receiving the mail through Gmail then you don’t really need to connect directly to your domain account and receive the mail there too.
    Create an IMAP rule that directs all Gmail mail to your Inbox On My Computer. Create an account in Entourage for your domain but disable it from being included in your Send/Receive schedule. Set it as your default account in Entourage. Then set your Entourage preferences (under Reply & Forward) to “Reply using the default account”. All new mail and all replies should then becoming from your address.

  • William M. Smith

    Hi Jon!
    I’m not sure if the Gmail servers will send mail from addresses that are not Gmail addresses.
    Have a look at what I just wrote to Brooks. You want to send through your work account, have your work account forward all received mail to Gmail (preferably by a setting on the server itself), receive mail from Gmail and then send any replies again through your work account.

  • peter

    i precisely followed the directions above for setting up gmail and am having two problems:
    1. i am getting doubles of some messages that i cannot delete from entourage
    2. during send and receive i get the following error message:
    -3176 “Entrourage cannot find the server. Verify the server information is entered correctly in the Account Settings, ad that your DNS settings in the Network pane of System Preferences are correct”
    Additionally i am not able to send mail from entourage
    I did have hotmail setup initially before adding my gmail account to entourage. I am unsure of how this might effect things.
    Any advice you could give would be helpful. Thank you.

  • Diane Ross

    Messages that do not delete are an indication of database corruption. Make a duplicate of your database then do a rebuild .
    Rebuild your Database
    A way to test if it is your database, is to create a new Identity, enter your account info (set to leave on server for the test) and see if your mail Send & Receive works. If the rebuild does not fix the problem, you might need to manually move your data to a new Identity.
    How to manually move your data
    Having a Hotmail previously should not affect your Gmail account.

  • Hanh Nguyen

    Trying to eliminate double tree structure. Entered [Gmail] into root folder field. Restarted Entourage but double tree structure still shows up.

  • William M. Smith

    Hi Hanh!
    Check for hidden characters such as spaces at the beginning or end of the [Gmail] root name that you entered. If you have more than one Gmail account then be sure you’re entering the root name in all accounts. Also, double-check spelling. You may have entered “[Gmial]” instead of “[Gmail]” or something similar.

  • katy

    I have a slight problem with the gmail IMAP that i just set up. When entourage downloads the messages from the inbox, it automatically deletes them when it gets them. I see the message flash in the window, and then it goes away. When I re-set the “move deleted messages to” folder, the messages automatically go to those folders.
    How do I stop the automatic deletion of messages in my inbox? I checked rules, etc and there is nothing weird.

  • Jon Greany

    I have done this setup on my bosses iPhone and the messages he views on his phone are deleted from the server after they are opened, therefore they never get downloaded into Entourage 2008. Also, if they are viewed in Entourage first, they will still download to his phone.
    I have not had this problem on my iPhone and we have the exact same settings in Entourage, GMail, and the iPhone.
    He also has this problem in POP.
    Any suggestions? I don’t care whether it’s POP or IMAP, I just want the emails in Entourage.

  • William M. Smith

    Double-check and triple-check the iPhone. This sounds like POP is set up there. Especially if you view the message first in Entourage and then see it disappear in Entourage after viewing it on the iPhone.
    In fact, disable POP for the Gmail account on the server just to be sure.

  • katy

    I resolved the problem (above) with entourage by deleting all the rules I had in the system. Once all the rules were deleted, the emails stopped being sent to the trash. I guess one of the rules got corrupted.

  • Jon Greany

    We had made sure that settings in each area were in IMAP form, but he was having a terrible time with the speed of emails and the send/receive function running every time he sent an email. Is there any resolve for those issues? It becomes tiresome with hundreds of emails daily (as I’m sure you know).
    Also, how do I go about deleting “rules” in entourage if that is the problem and in fact one of the rules has become corrupt?

  • Diane Ross

    If you think Rules is part of the problem, quit Entourage. drag the Rules file to the desktop and name it Old Rules. Entourage will create a new blank Rules file. Test with no rules. If you find this is the problem, you can drag the old rules file back (omitting old) and disable each rule using the check mark to include in Send & Receive schedule and test adding them back in small groups to find the problem.
    Other factors could come into play on the speed. How large is your Inbox? Have you considered moving some of the messages to other folders?
    Discussion of this type of problem is handled best on the Entourage newsgroup. This way many people can contribute to the discussion to find a solution.
    How to subscribe to the Entourage newsgroups

  • Sheriff

    Thanks for the Info, however it keeps giving me Error 111 … does this have to do with the the fact that I am behind a proxy?

  • William M. Smith

    I’m not familiar with this specific error code but I do see a similar error code #114 listed on the Entourage Help Page shows a proxy problem.
    When working behind a proxy you need to be sure that ports 143 for incoming messages and 25 for outgoing messages are open. In most companies they are not.

  • Enrique

    According to Gmail team,
    Incoming server must be 993, and must use SSL encryption. [Correct]
    Outgoing server can use 587, TLS encryption. [You suggest using 465]

  • William M. Smith

    Hi Enrique!
    Gmail will accept either port number per their documentation found here:
    Technically, 465 is an unofficial port for SMTPS whereas 587 is official per IANA. 587 would probably be the better choice.

  • planethoth

    I followed all the instructions as above… but my Entourage 2004 seems to be chugging along with this IMAP setup, frequently choking and saying various errors including “System Error” and others. It’s constantly lagging, searching folders on server, taking so much time to delete messages… is this strange behaviour or just how IMAP is supposed to work?

  • William M. Smith

    This sounds like you have worse troubles than Entourage not working with IMAP.
    For starters, make sure you have plenty of hard drive space (several GB) available. Is your network connection reliable? High speed?
    Are you trying to synchronize too much? Log on to Gmail and move as much as you can out of your Inbox. If you’ve followed my settings above then only your Inbox will be kept synchronized. Other folders will sync only when selected.
    If you continue having problem be sure to post details in the Microsoft Entourage newsgroup. That way the public can benefit from your question and the answers you receive.

  • giorg

    thanks for the guide. I’m using entourage 2008, but I can’t get it work. I receive a -3259 error, something like: “An operation on the server timed out. The server may be down, overloaded, or there may be too much net traffic.”.
    After rushing a little on the net, I found out this could be a timeout problem…
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks a lot

  • William M. Smith

    Hi giorg!
    Entourage can’t do anything about your connectivity to the Gmail servers. It has nothing you can adjust for timeouts.
    I’ve personally never seen this message in Gmail but if you see it constantly then check your Internet connection. If you’re on a slow connection such as dial-up then POP may be the better choice for you.

  • Johnny

    Hi! I connect my gmail account nicely but when i go to my address i don’t see anything there. Plese tell me how to get my gmail contacts to entourage.

  • William M. Smith

    IMAP only synchronizes mail. It cannot synchronize contacts and it cannot synchronize calendars.
    You’ll need to log in to your Gmail account online, click the Contacts link on the left, select all your contacts and click the Export link in the upper right. I’m not sure which of the three formats you need to choose. You will need to experiment.
    In Entourage select File –> Import… to import your contacts.
    If you need further help, be sure to post your questions in the Entourage newsgroup . That way the public can benefit from your question and the answers you receive.

  • brian

    I followed your directions exactly with Entourage 2008 and got the exact same error as giorg. I know for a fact there is no problem with my internet connection. I’ve tried several times, and even remade the account, nothing works.

  • William M. Smith

    Hi Brian!
    Unfortunately, the -3259 error code simply means that Entourage isn’t getting its signals from the Gmail servers in a timely manner (usually when sending mail). That could be for a variety of reasons.
    Your Internet connection is the only part of the many hops between you and Gmail that’s in your control. If you know your Internet connection is working fine then somewhere else down the pipe (out of your control) something isn’t timed well.
    If you’re using a laptop then take it to a free wireless hot spot (or a few) and test from there. If you’re able to connect without problems then you’ve found a network problem exists somewhere between your home location and Gmail. If you still have problems then Gmail may be the cause.
    You might also try port 465 instead of 587 in your SMTP server settings.

  • Hozi

    I was getting the same connection timeout error on Entourage 2008 connecting to GMAIL IMAP. I then changed the following setting in the Advanced Receiving Options from the account by checking the Override Default IMAP Port and setting it to 993.
    That worked like a charm!

  • Glen Hall

    Great blog.
    I’m trying to set up Gmail with my old email address that uses Entourage 11.4.0 and OS 10.5.4.
    Do your instructions wipe out my present email address and replace it with Gmail address? I want to keep it and access multiple email accounts through my new Gmail account.
    Also I heard from a friend with a Mac today, Sept 15 2008, that Gmail IMAP is no longer working for him and he switched back to POP Gmail.
    Thank you.

  • William M. Smith

    Hi Glen!
    These instructions simply tell you how to set up an existing or a new Gmail account as an IMAP account in Entourage. If you have a Gmail account that is set up as POP then you can convert it to IMAP without losing any information.
    Using your Gmail account with other accounts (for filtering spam?) is still possible but beyond the scope of what I’ve posted here.
    As for Gmail not working for your friend, that would require he contact Google. IMAP is nothing new in the E-mail world. Gmail’s IMAP is nothing special. If IMAP for Gmail is not working then Google will probably be working to get it working again because this service is very popular with folks.
    Hope this helps!

  • darshan dave me to create new folder in gmail.because in yahoo it is very easy.

  • William M. Smith

    Gmail does not use folders. It uses labels instead.
    Be sure to read my next blog post after this one, Create Gmail labels and make Entourage folders.

  • Amin Panjshiri

    Hi William,
    I recently installed Entourage 2008 in my MacBook Pro, i’m trying to retrieve/receive ALL my emails from my Gmail account, however its only retrieving very recent and or unread emails only, Can you please provide some light on how i can Retrieve ALL my emails from day 1 thats almost 2,000 emails in total.
    Thank you in advance.

  • William M. Smith

    Hi Amin!
    I have not heard of the problem you are describing. Rather than trying to troubleshoot with you here I suggest you either post your question in the Microsoft Entourage newsgroup or subscribe to YouTalk.
    I and other MVPs as well as other Entourage users frequent both of those locations for helping individuals with Entourage problems.

  • Jan

    When I set-up gmail IMAP in Entourage as per the instructions, the Inbox fills with email but the Drafts, Sent Mail, Trash, All Mail, Spam and Starred files do not fill. I get an Error: -17494. Can anyone help me with this.

  • Mick Brunton

    Hello William,
    I’m tied to Entourage via my work acount and wanted to add the account I’ve inherited for administering a community group that runs on googlemail. Your tutorial really sorted the incoming end of things out for me, but like a number of users here I find I can’t actually send from that account in Entourage. The error messages are variously those mentioned here or simply a server timeout one. I’m not aware of any settings either at work on my home network that would block outgoing mail and connections and speed are usually pretty solid. I’ve tried varying the outgoing smtp port as suggested. I’d be really grateful for any further thoughts on what might be the cause.
    many thanks

  • William M. Smith

    Hi Mick!
    If you’ve tried both outgoing ports 465 and 587 (mentioned earlier in the comments) then I suspect your connection is getting blocked by something outside of Entourage. If you’re at work then that could be a company firewall. If you’re at home this could simply be your Mac’s built-in firewall.
    Test disabling your computer’s firewall and try again. If that works then you’ll need to tweak your settings there. Also, if you’re using a laptop, try moving it to a completely different network such as a local coffee house, a friend’s house or some place that should be relatively unrestricted.
    If this doesn’t answer your question then I suggest asking in the Entourage newsgroup or on our YouTalk mailing list. That way the public can benefit from your question and the answers you receive.
    Hope this helps!

  • Angelo Porciuncula

    Hi William,
    Thanks for the instructions!
    However, I cannot send any mail from Entourage using my Gmail account. I followed exactly what you put in the instructions.
    Can Entourage just receive mail from Gmail and not be able to send?
    Thanks a lot and I will wait for your response.

  • William M. Smith

    Hi Angelo!
    You’ve most likely entered the Sending server information incorrectly or you have not entered the extra options under the “Click here for advanced sending options” button.
    If you’re connecting from a company network then they may also block outgoing mail, requiring you to use its E-mail server instead.
    Finally, read up through the comments about using a different port number for sending.
    If this doesn’t resolve your question then I suggest asking in the Entourage newsgroup or on our YouTalk mailing list. That way the public can benefit from your question and the answers you receive.

  • Phil

    First of all, thanks for this great guide. I am trying to set-up Entourage with Google IMAP in a specific way.
    Basically, I don’t want Gmail’s All Mail folder on my Entourage. It is just too big. I have stopped it from synching by using the Google Labs option not to include it in the synch. But I still want to be able to remove messages from Inbox and leave them in All Mail instead of deleting them.
    In, I accomplished this by setting the program not to move deleted messages to the Trash mailbox. Hitting delete caused the message to disappear in Mail but remain in Google’s All Mail archive. When I really want to permanently delete something, I manually move it to the IMAP trash folder in
    In Entourage, I can only choose between sending deleted messages to Trash or marking them as deleted. The latter, along with purging, seems to do accomplish what I want, but there is an awkward delay because purging is not automatic. I have to leave the folder first. This also happens when I move a message from one folder to another. It sits there as marked deleted until I leave the folder.
    Any ideas on how to avoid this? Thanks!

  • Mike

    if you’re having trouble sending outgoing messages, like I was, and getting error message 111, just change your outgoing port to 587. That worked for me.

  • Edward

    Just thought I would say thank you for that helping hand for the less computer gifted people such as myself. The tutorial was easy to use and took no time at all to follow. If only all tutorials were that straightforward.

  • aishalayla

    i am so, so happy i found this blog. thank you william, you are a godsend! i switched successfully from gmail POP to gmail IMAP in my entourage 2004. after i few hiccups i got it working properly.
    the only issue i seem to be having now is the notify feature no longer works properly in entourage. i don’t get the mail envelope over the “e” and i don’t get the pop up with the preview anymore when i get new mail from gmail. it has also stopped working for the 2 exchange server accounts i have set up in entourage as well. any idea how to fix this?

  • You’re welcome!
    Make sure you’re Office is fully patched using Help –> Check for Updates and be sure that your Notifications are enabled in Entourage menu –> Preferences… Or a simply restart of Entourage may fix your problem.
    If that doesn’t work then post your question in the Entourage newsgroup or on our YouTalk mailing list. You’ll have more eyes seeing your question then.
    You’ll find information here:
    “How to subscribe to the Microsoft Entourage newsgroup”

  • Darren

    Hi William,
    Thank you for all this info!
    However I like some others are attempting to start setting up Google Gmail’s IMAP with Entourage 2008 clients (they are currently using POP email from the current Web host, but will slowly migrat email to Google).
    My question is there an updated article that is specific to Entourage 2008 as opposed to 2004?
    If no, is there any list of specific items/differences in 2008 that I should understand, that are different from what you’ve summarized in your 2004 article?
    Thank you!

  • Hi Darren!
    The instructions for Entourage 2008 should be nearly identical. Nothing has changed from a functional perspective from 2004 to 2008 regarding IMAP.

  • megan

    Thanks so much for this. I’ve been tearing my hair out. I’m currently working with the newest version of Entourage and am trying to change the name of the account, or the “root folder field” that you have suggested but the format is slightly different in the 2008 version. Can you provide any insight?

  • Hi megan!
    I’m not sure I understand. The name of the account and the root folder are unrelated.
    The screenshots may be for Entourage 2004 but the method to do everything is practically identical.

  • gk

    Very very good!
    I understand I still will have the “Folders on My Computer” folders and the associated inbox.
    I got 5 years of mail there, and I do not plan to go through it.
    I will still receive some mail there, so I guess I will still need to check daily in that folder.
    As for organizing, I have found that the CUSTOM VIEW folders will show items in both the Gmail and the “Folders on My Computer” locations.

  • gk

    Duplicate Emails:
    I found that to avoid getting the gmail incoming duplicated into the INBOX inside the “Folders on My Computer”; I had to remove the check that for “Include this account in my Send & Receive All Schedule” in the picture for the “Edit Account” dialouge box above.
    New Mail has arrived sound:
    The “New Mail has arrived sound” comes frequently (looks like when the gmail account is synced), I check the various folders but no new mail has arrived. Why is this?
    Thank You:
    Again, this will be a huge benefit for my future email management!

  • afatliberal

    Thanks for this tutorial. It’s good to know, though, that if [Gmail] is set to the root folder, and you hit delete, that message ends up in [Gmail]/trash. If it’s in there for 30 days, it’s gone for good. So if you’ve gotten used to the [deleted messages] label being applied when you hit the delete key (which essentially becomes an “archive” key) and the message just moves from “inbox” to “all mail,” you might accidentally delete something that you end up needing later.
    The way I worked around this (I like my delete key to archive things) was
    A. set [Gmail] as the root folder.
    B. right clicked on the Gmail root in the left hand column of the main screen of Entourage –> clicked “new folder,” and called it “deleted items”
    C. tools –> accounts –> open account –> advanced –> changed the “move messages to the deleted items folder” setting from [Gmail]/trash to [Gmail]/Deleted Items
    Pain in the ass, but definitely worth doing.
    It’s also probably a good idea to uncheck “store sent mail in [gmail]/sent” sent gmail stores everything that passes through smtp anyway

  • axel

    Thank you for this insightful and still relevant information.
    Gmail to Entourage 2008.

  • Mike

    This was great information. However, I still have the “double tree” problem. I have followed the directions exactly and shut down multiple times. Please help me.
    Thank you!

  • Mike

    I forgot to say, I am having another problem: I can access the email on my gmail account but cannot get it to save a copy to my machine. I really did follow all of the instructions meticulously and even reviewed them. I am pleading for help. I have spent 18 + hours on problems with Entourage but I have to use this awful software. Sorry if anyone was offended.

  • Dana Cordova

    Bless your soul. Thanks for this info, you saved me from my gmail frustration! Only problem that still remains is the double tree effect with the folders–it seems your [Gmail] command does not work for Entourage X, do you have an updated fix for this?
    Infinite thanks,

  • To fix the “double tree” issue, see the directions in this article:
    Connect Entourage 2004 to Gmail’s IMAP service

  • That was extremely helpful, thanks! Even though it was written for Entourage 04, it still applied equally to 08.

  • RJ

    This was a very helpful article even with Entourage 2008. It took me a couple times of following the directions and starting from scratch (fully deleting my previous G-mail settings from entourage) to make it work but after following the tutorial I now have all of my folders, all of my messages and I am just pleased as punch. Thank you.

  • Joey P

    I can receive my Gmail via IMAP and Apple Mail, but when I try to set up an account through Entourage, I receive the error message:
    Entourage cannot connect to the server. Verify that your computer is connected to the network.
    An error occurred on the IMAP server.
    I Googled everything and it seems that no one else is having this issue. Any thoughts? Strange.

  • Follow the directions here: Connect Entourage 2004 to Gmail’s IMAP service
    1. If you can receive but not send then you have a bad SMTP configuration
    2. If you can send but not receive you have a bad POP or IMAP configuration
    Most likely your advanced settings for SMTP are incorrect. Use the example on the link above.

  • drking

    This was great info!!! I used in setting up my accounts as a beginner with Entourage, and then went in this evening to help me get rid of the ‘double tree’ showing up. 🙂
    I have a question though. How do I set up separate folders (sub) in each account — I want something similar to a ‘common’ folder so that the emails within them can’t be deleted unless physically done.
    Hope this makes sense. Thanks again William for posting this great page!

  • @drking
    Thanks for the kudos!
    Not sure what you’re after about a “common” folder, but messages won’t be automatically deleted with an IMAP account. Folders and sub-folders will always sync with Gmail. They may take a while to refresh when you first go into them in Entourage, however, your messages are still there.

  • Aracely

    I just set up the IMAP for Entourage and now I can not open any of the attachments on the e mails. Please help!!!

  • DoubleE

    I continue to have various emails from IMAP Gmail account under “Folders on my Computer”. It’s weird, why do some and not all or nothing? I really don’t want to have to continue to check 2 places for my mail. I’ve tried several setting combinations, but no luck.
    I’m ready to switch back to Mail, but I like how Entourage 2004 copies in snap shots from Grab without having to save it (by having to save the .tiff and then open it in Preview and save it as a .jpg to finally send the .jpg) for my Outlook users.
    Has anyone else had this issue and figure it out?

  • Joanna

    Many thanks! Very helpful info after I continues to receive error messages, thought I was missing email and was hearing reports from friends I was spamming them.

  • Check your rules. There are 3 different types of rules in Entourage:
    There are 3 different kind of rules in Entourage:
    Mailing List Manager (MLM)
    Junk Mail Filter
    Rules (custom rules you create)
    They run in the order listed above. The custom rules also run in the order they are listed. (top runs first)
    It’s easy to create a MLM rule by mistake when marking a message as junk.

  • You saved my sanity! Bless you!
    Do you have any recommendations for setting a rule that the signature is always included in entourage? I have to currently add it on to all emails and it is a pain!
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • This is an option you can set in your Account. In the Menu bar, under Tools select Accounts. Open your account, click on the Options tab. Select the sig you want from the Default Signature popup.

  • Neya

    The folders show up and i can get mails from the server, but i get an error if i want to send something. how is this possible?
    I have followed this blog like 10 times , but i can’t find the problem.
    can anyone help? i get this:
    Entourage cannot find the server. Verify the server information is entered correctly in the Account Settings, and that your DNS settings in the Network pane of System Preferences are correct.
    Mail could not be sent.
    Account name: “Neya’s Gmail”
    Error: -3176
    and yes i looked on the entourage error page, and no it is not there 🙁 please help.

  • Neya,
    Verify that the SMTP settings are correct. Change the SMTP server to port 587 to see if that helps. If changing SMTP setting does not work, try this option:
    Go to OpenDNS and set up a free account.
    How to set new options:
    OpenDNS > Get Started > Enable OpenDNS: Mac OS X Leopard
    Enter the new DNS settings. Test.
    Let me know if this helps.

  • Martin M

    TNX for providing this blog first of all!
    My Entourage 2008 (12.1.17) won´t locally cache the sent.items. After restarting entourage I have to manually refresh the messagelist in order to see my sent items.
    However the “All mail” folder is indeet beeing cached locally.
    any idea?

  • Kate

    I receive the same error message as Neya. I opened a DNS account but I am still unable to send a message. I can receive mail but can not send anything. – Thank you

  • Cynthia Staliunas

    Thank you for the help, your information helped me retrieve my information that I had lost! 😉 Thanks!

  • matic

    William, thank you so much for this post, it’s very informative!
    I’d like to ask you for some additional help: is it possible to access all Gmail Chats from Entourage?
    For some reason it will only display about 20 of my 1500-some chats in Gmail (although I moved all of them to my Inbox in web Gmail account)…
    Any idea?

  • Sorry, I’m not familiar with Gmail Chats. I suggest you ask in the Entourage newsgroup:
    or on our YouTalk mailing list:
    Someone there may have more information that’s not covered here.

  • Matic

    Thanks, William. I have another question: since I find the “All Mail” folder redundant in Entourage, how can I get rid of it? I would try the “Delete Folder” option, but I’m afraid that it will also erase the “All Mail” content from my Gmail server??

  • Since you’ve set up your account as an IMAP account, you can Subscribe and Unsubscribe folders.
    Select your account header in the folder list on the left of the Entourage main window and you should see all your mail folders appear on the right where your mail messages usually appear. Select the All Mail folder in this list and then select Edit –> Unsubscribe. You’ll see it turn from yellow to gray.
    This doesn’t delete the folder. It only removes it from synchronization and removes it from your view.

  • Matic

    Ah, I see. That worked, thanks!
    I was wondering, how come that “Sent Mail” in Entourage is just a regular folder like my own created folders (labels), while Drafts, Trash and Spam all have a specific icon and are on top of the list?
    Is there a way to place “Sent Mail” on top too, so that it won’t blend among my personal folders in Entourage?
    Thank you so much, William.

  • Go to Tools menu –> Accounts… and double-click your Gmail account. Under the Advanced tab you can select the specific folders where your messages are stored. You’ll see a screen shot under step 13 that shows the three drop down menus at the top.
    Entourage creates a set of special folders (Sent Items, Deleted Items, Junk) but your Gmail account has similar folders. The names don’t always match (maybe Trash instead of Deleted Items) and so you’ll have to indicate which folders to use.

  • matic

    William, thank you. I had the first of the three drop down menus unchecked, but I checked it now and the “Sent Mail” got its folder icon changed and it also moved on top among with other default icons, which is what I wanted.

  • Matic

    Thank you William. I did as you said and now the “Sent Mail” folder doesn’t look like my own folders/labels and it also moved on top of the list among the “Drafts”, “Spam” and other default folders.
    There is only one thing that bothers me a bit: now whenever I send an e-mail Entourage seems to be doing double work. First it uploads a sent e-mail to the “Sent Mail” folder in Entourage, and after that it also uploads it on the server, whereas previously, before I checked the “Store sent msgs in this IMAP folder”, it still uploaded e-mail to the Entourage “Sent Mail” folder, but not also on the server, yet each sent e-mail STILL appeared on the server – but with less work involved.
    Why is it so? is it possible to reduce this “double work” and still keep the Sent Mail folder the way it is right now that I checked the “Store sent msgs in this IMAP folder” option?

  • Pat Craddock

    Many thanks for the How-To.. I do have one question. I have Entourage on an iMac and a MacBook Pro. Is there any way for “read” messages to be synced? By this, I mean, if I read an IMAP message in GMail from one computer or my iPhone, can it be marked as read on the other? Apple Mail does this, but I would love to see it work this way in Entourage. Maybe I am missing something?

  • The nature of IMAP is to synchronize not only mail but read status. If this is not working for you then I suggest posting your question in the Entourage newsgroup at or on our YouTalk mailing list here

  • JP

    Great, man. This was really useful. Thanks a lot.

  • GE

    As with everyone else, thank you for posting these instructions, they worked great! I might be missing the whole point of this, but is it possible to get the Entourage mail to gmail but NOT the other way around? I just want the one-way movement so that all my gmails are not in the work account. Thanks!

  • The purpose of IMAP is to synchronize mail and mail folders, allowing you to keep multiple E-mail clients up-to-date with the same information.
    If this isn’t what you’re needing then look into using POP to download/delete mail from Gmail or look into Gmail’s online features to enable you to access other accounts from within the Gmail web interface.
    If this doesn’t answer your question then try posting it to the Entourage newsgroup:
    or to our YouTalk mailing list:
    Those are forums more suitable for asking personal help questions.

  • CC Gretti

    Thank you for such a great posting! I followed the instructions and now see my Gmail messages on Entourage but when a new message comes in it only goes to Entourage and not to Gmail. Is that the way it is supposed to work? Is there a way to configure it so new messages either go to both or just gmail?

  • Not quite sure what you mean. Gmail is an account and Entourage is what you use to view that account. To say mail goes to one but not the other does not make sense.
    If your mail in your Gmail account is getting copied or moved outside of your Gmail account then check under Tools –> Rules and Tools –> Mailing List Manager for a rule that is moving items.
    If this doesn’t answer your questions then I suggest you post it to the Entourage newsgroup:
    or to our YouTalk mailing list:

  • Christian

    Hi William – this was very useful. Great work.
    I have one question for you about eliminating the double tree folder structure by making [gmail] the root folder structure. I’ve been using entourage (and before that outlook) for some time, and i have a lot of subfolders with a lot of old e-mails in those nested folders. i want to make sure that by selecting the [gmail] folder structure as the root structure, i’m not going to delete all the existing folders i have in entourage. I’m assuming this operation will not touch non-root folders i’ve created, and will simply dump all the e-mails in my entourage inbox, sent e-mails, deleted e-mails, etc, into the gmail folders. am i right?
    I guess one concern there is that i have a lot of old e-mails in some of those folders (deleted e-mails for example). So i assume these old e-mails will then be uploaded to the gmail server and take up space in my gmail account unless i go through a big purge. is that correct?
    thanks – and happy holidays,

  • Hi Christian!
    Without being able to see what you’ve got set up now I can’t really tell you what you will see. However, I can tell you that changing the root folder only changes the appearance of what you see and does not change anything on the server. Your folder structure there remains the same.
    Changing the root may cause your IMAP messages to be purged and then downloaded again, so be prepared for a long wait if you have tons of messages. Give yourself plenty of time to make this change.

  • Christian

    Hi William
    I’d like to try this question again. I think I wasn’t very clear the first time.
    I’ve set up the IMAP connection between my gmail account, my entourage, and my Blackberry. And it seems to be working fine. But I do have two sets of folders now in Entourage, the old Entourage folders and the new Gmail folders.
    I’d like to simplify by doing what you suggest, making [gmail] the root folder structure. But I have some concerns.
    Because I’ve had Entourage for some time (and before that Outlook), I’ve built up years of old e-mails in Entourage e-mail folders. I’m not just talking about e-mails in my in-box, but I have a lot of folders outside my in-box that I’ve been filing e-mails into for years. I’m wondering what will happen to all these old e-mails if I change the root folder structure to [gmail]. The folders that I have been filing my e-mails into are separate from the basic Entourage folders: in-box, outbox, sent items, etc. Do you know if these folders and e-mails would simply remain untouched, or:
    a) Could I lose any of them?
    b) Might they upload to gmail so that I end up with a ton of old e-mails in my gmail account that I really don’t need there?
    thanks again

  • Your Gmail account is displayed separately and changing the root folder will only affect this one account. Changing this will not affect any of the folders “On My Computer” nor will it affect any other accounts.

  • jeremy

    how do I make Entourage same the ‘draft’ email locally, and not on the gmail server? I am using Entourage with IMAP from Gmail. Thanks,

  • Go to Tools –> Accounts… and double-click your Gmail account. Select the folder you want to use under the Advanced tab.

  • Mathew Lebowitz

    Hi William… I’m refining my previous question. I very much like the idea of syncing my local (entourage) mail with gmail, but do you have any suggestions on how to keep down the storage size of my local mail, while not deleting messages on the gmail. I would like gmail to remain a permanent achive of all mail, but I don’t think it’s logical to also keep a local version of all my email, as it will just get too big over time. but if I delete messages locally, it seems they will also delete on gmail. What is the solution? Thanks

  • Hi Mathew!
    I would suggest that you create a new label in Gmail. This translates to a new mail folder in Entourage. Or if you already have messages in Entourage that you’d like to “archive” then make the new folder in Entourage and this will create a new label in Gmail.
    Move messages that you do not want to sync with Entourage into that folder or apply that label.
    In Entourage, you then select the header of your Gmail account in the folder list on the left and this will display all your folders (Inbox, Sent Items, mail folders, etc.) on the right. You can right-click or Control-click any of the folders and select Unsubscribe. This will prevent messages in that folder from syncing.

  • jeffo

    Hi William,
    I’m using Entourage with gmail and I tried to send a very large audio file (50 megs) without realizing the size limitations. Entourage tries to send it but hits me with an error message…but then automatically tries again a few minutes later. this keeps happening and happening — and any other emails i try to send sit in line and don’t send until after that first big file fails again. How do i cut the string on this large email? i don’t see it sitting anywhere in a drafts or sent folder. (this problem isn’t affecting gmail when i use it in my browser…only in entourage.)
    any help appreciated.

  • Hi Jeff!
    You’ll need to delete the message from your Outbox under “On My Computer”.
    If this doesn’t resolve your problem then please ask in the Entourage newsgroup:
    or to our YouTalk mailing list:

  • charlotte

    hi, i just set up entourage with my gmail. my whole gmail inbox transferred from gmail to entourage fine, but my ‘sent’ messages didn’t. and when i send a message from my gmail, it still doesn’t save a copy in entourage ‘sent items’ folder. can you help me?
    also- how do i change the set ‘send and receive’ time. i want it to automatically send and receive every 30 seconds- or as quick as possible…
    thanks so much!

  • Charlotte,
    Troubleshooting individual user problems is beyond the scope of this post.
    We greatly appreciate your comments about our blog but we do ask that personal help questions be directed to the Entourage newsgroup:
    or to our YouTalk mailing list:

  • Woody

    Solution to an unanswered issue from above – receiving partial / corrupted attachments :
    Edit Account -> Options tab
    Un-check “Partially receive messages over … KB”

  • julian Plant

    Having finally got my gmail IMAP to work again, I’m now not sure what the “gmail” folders and “Gmail” folders are. I have set up all the folders I want in “gmail” and don’t really want the “Gmail folders there as well. Can i just delete them or will this cause a problem? Any ideas?

  • Danny

    Hello, I’m having troubles to get my G-mail e-mails into my Entourage 2008 for Mac. I’m trying to receive my e-mails by I-map, cause the pop-version wasn’t a success either. The problem is that when I’m receiving mails (by internet) there is no problem, but when I wan’t to receive them in my Entourage 2008 for Mac they won’t get in my inbox. I tried everything. Made a new account in Entourage, followed all the steps like written above, but I still receive the message ‘error (ALERT) Web login required. (Failure) send back. Your login/password is possible incorrect…’ The login and password do work correctly at the internet. Can anyone help me please…

  • No idea if this will help, but see the solution suggested toward the bottom of this page
    You may also want to see if you have the same problem with Apple’s Mail application. If two or more mail applications have this problem then you are either entering incorrect login information or your Gmail account is not configured to allow you access. You must enable access in Gmail first.