Importing from Outlook for Windows based PST to Entourage

If you are looking for a way to import data from an Outlook for Windows based PST to Entourage then here is something you can use. Bad news is it uses Outlook 2001 which is a Classic application. MacIntel users can forget about this unless they have access to an older computer.

  • You can use the PST Import Tool to import data from any PST created using Outlook 2001 for Mac into Entourage 2004.
  • You can also use a workaround to import all data from any PST (no matter where it was created, i.e. Windows PC or Mac) but that is not guaranteed to work without any issue as MS never tested this against all those PST formats (thus not supported by PSS!).

All you need to do is transfer all data from any PST (ANSI or Unicode) into an ANSI PST (PST created to work with OL2002 and previous versions on PC, can be created using Outlook 2003/2007) by drag and drop or move/copy operation. Then open that ANSI PST on a Mac using Outlook 2001 for Mac (yes, these PSTs are cross-platform PSTs), then again move all data from this ANSI PST to a new PST you should create using Outlook 2001 for Mac.

  • This carries with it the limitations of ANSI PSTs (limited size). You can always use multiple PSTs to workaround size.
  • Before you ask…Yes, it does handle Calendar and Contacts.

Now, you can use the final PST file which you created using Outlook 2001 for Mac with the PST Import Tool to import all data into Entourage 2004.

This tip is provided by Amir Haque. Amir reports “It’s a workaround which I have tested myself, it works fine, I have provided it to many of our enterprise customers as well, none of them complained.”

Download Outlook 2001 for Mac

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68 comments to Importing from Outlook for Windows based PST to Entourage

  • dow

    I’m trying to import a Windows PST file into Entourage.
    I tried the tip above to go via Outlook 2001 for Mac, but can’t get Outlook 2001 to fully launch, as it insists on being given a Microsoft Exchange Server – which I dont have…
    Any workarounds?!

  • Bob Coogan

    I use Outlook 2 Mac (O2M) to export. PST Import Tool doesn’t work for me at all. Though O2M has it’s share of problems as well. I have to install it on my work Dell, move all of my e-mails I want to transfer to my Inbox (O2M won’t export from anywhere else), then copy the .mbox file it creates to my thumb drive. Then on my Mac I have to import the .mbox files to Apple Mail (Entourage won’t directly import PST files), then import from Apple Mail to Entourage! Too much work.

  • Rakesh

    How do I get the O2M tool? Is it available for free?

  • Outlook 2 Mac
    It is not free. The cost is $10.

  • Jim

    Is it possible to import my PST from Outlook 2007 into Entourage 2004?

  • Hi Jim!
    Yours is the first request to move from Outlook 2007 to Entourage 2004 that I’ve seen. If Outlook 2007 allows you to create PST files as described above then you can follow those instructions plus some addtional instructions posted in this blog post Use an empty Exchange profile to open PST files in Outlook 2001. Essentially, you’ll save your PST file from Outlook to a format that Outlook 2001 for Mac can read. Then you’ll use Outlook 2001 to create a new PST file and move your messages into that. Finally, you can take Microsoft’s PST Import Tool to move your messages into Entourage 2004.
    The method sounds convoluted but it works and for just a one time move you can’t beat free and simple. If you try this, please let us know your results.
    Thanks for posting!

  • Mike

    I wanted to share my experience since it burned most of my day:
    1) O2M did not copy my attachments no matter how I tried it. Save the $10.
    2) Using Thunderbird for the transfer process is tedious and also did not copy my attachments and I would have had to manually reasign every single folder. Bother.
    3) What did work:
    Created a 97-2002 pst in Outlook 2007 and manually moved the files.
    Uninstalled Outlook 2007
    Installed Outlook 2000. Ran O2M again, still no joy.
    Reinstalled orig OS X Jaguar with OS 9 support on older iMac.
    Installed Outlook 2001 and blank exchange file.
    Copied ANSI .pst to iMac
    Pointed Outlook 2001 to it.
    Created new personal folders in Outlook 2001 and manually copied the mail into it.
    Installed Entourage 2004 and import tool.
    Imported the email-everything was there, my contacts, my cal, and even all my attachments.
    Created an archive .rge file
    Copied to a USB 2 HDD
    Copied it to my new Macbook. Imported it.
    I would like to know if anyone has found a way that works. I’ve heard other people claim success with O2M, but it didn’t work for me.
    Anything out there that works all the time?

  • June

    How do you transfer from Outlook 2007 to Entrouge 2004 using Leopard?

  • dianer

    Leopard did not change the way you import from Outlook 2007 into Entourage. See the Cross Platform page for help or ask on the Entourage newsgroup.
    How to subscribe to the Microsoft Entourage newsgroup

  • tim

    Dear sirs,
    I would like imports all emails, contacts, rules, pst.files from XP-Outlook to Entourage 2004.

  • dianer

    Check out the options on the “Convert Mail from Windows to Mac” Page:
    Entourage can import a .csv file. Just select the option in Outlook to export as .csv or text file. In Entourage select the Import –> Contacts from a text file –> tab delimited file and navigate to the .csv file.
    Third party options:
    Transfer Windows® Outlook® email, contacts, and calendar appointments from your PC to your Macintosh® computer! See this MacTech article for more info on using Outlook2Mac.
    Use Paul Berkowitz’s Export-Import Scripts (shareware). Download here

  • Elwin

    wow, all looks like a lot of work. does anyone tried this with a .pst file of 2.4gb?

  • Mike Roberts

    Trying to transfer emails, callander , contacts and tasks from Outlook 2003 on a pc to entourage 2004 on a new MacBook. Read the above info about going via Outlook 2001 and found
    “Remember, Outlook 2001 runs only in Mac OS 9 or in Mac OS X under Classic mode. This method will not work with an Intel Mac.”
    So what to do? (I find it a bit shocking that these 2 MS products won’t talk to each other).
    What about using iCal, address book & mail on the MacBook – will these import from a pst?

  • dianer

    Hi Mike, Sorry but none of the Apple applications will import from a .PST file either. See the comments above for options.
    Be sure to check out the options on the Convert Mail from Windows to Mac
    In addition send Feedback to Microsoft under Help in the menu bar while in any Office application. Hopefully, it will get added in a future update.

  • Hi,
    Can someone tell me if it is possible to import a .pst file from Outlook 2007 into Entourage 2008?
    I use mail, calendar, address book, notes and tasks.

  • dianer

    Entourage 2008 did not add this feature. See above comments for ways to import.

  • Borgy

    I recently transferred my mail, calendar, and contacts from Outlook to my new iMac (Leopard) using O2m. My first trial failed and I was about to agree with other posts here but decided to try again. One is given the option of converting to the imac formats or “any other” which I took Entourage to be. I went back and converted to the iMac formats and was able to transfer the files when I followed the detailed instructions for importing. It is important to follow his ‘open with’ instructions carefully. I had to open all the Calendar entries on the mac in Entourage but they were accepted when I closed them. It was a great relief.
    Support was responsive, by the way, which is pretty surprising for a $10. program.

  • Jim

    I have been struggling for a couple of days now trying to get my Outlook ’03 data into my new iMac Entourage ’08 app. I have purchased the O2M program, run it successfully, buy cannot get Entourage to allow it to be imported.
    I open Entourage, file, import, click on ‘contacts or messages from a text file’ , ‘Import messages from an MBOX-format text file’, open the folder containing the information, click on ‘contacts’ to highlight the folder, then click on ‘Import’, then all my contacts show except they are ‘greyed out’ and the ‘Import’ button is not available, (greyed out), only the ‘Cancel’ button us available.
    I have tried everything I can think of but no luck. What am I doing wrong?

  • Patrick

    I was able to import a series of

  • I’d suggest finding a hosted exchange service
    ie in outlook create a new profiles for the exchange account, load your old pst file, that will sync all your contacts etc with exchange. Then on the mac connect to your exchange account with entourage. This will now sync your hosted exchange data with entourage.
    Yes you have to pay for the exchange hosting but there are a lot of inexpensive options out there. Plus you now have your data backed up to a hosted server. in the case of you also have the benefit of syncing all your contact info and current email to a smartphone

  • Cevdet

    Any idea how to transfer Outlook 2003 pst files to Entourage 2008?
    [There is no direct way. There are several options listed on Convert Mail from Windows to Mac] Diane Ross

  • Suzanne

    You said:
    “In addition send Feedback to Microsoft under Help in the menu bar while in any Office application. Hopefully, it will get added in a future update.”
    You don’t understand. This massive obstacle to transferring Windows Outlook to Mac Entourage IS INTENTIONAL. Microsoft WANTS you to have massive trouble, to discourage people from transferring from Windows to Mac.
    Microsoft doesn’t realise that it has the opposite effect. It makes me determined not to ever let my data get stuck in proprietary formats such that i am held at ransom like this.
    For emails, I use IMAP (try Gmails free IMAP) to transfer files. All dates and attachments are transferred perfectly.
    For Calendar, I’m thinking of syncing Outlook to Google Calendar, using and then from there, synching Google Calendar to iCal with either or
    For address book, I’ll try
    For to-do list, I’m still working on that one.

  • Ron Bower

    I am trying to use O2M to export and convert my Outlook 2007 data to Entourage. O2M crashes if I try to convert ANY attachments at all. If I tell it to ignore all attachments it works fine.
    Has anyone been successful using O2M with attachments? My attachments are very generic: jpgs, docs, etc.

  • Diane Ross

    Sorry, I don’t have personal experience with O2M, but some other users might be able to help. You could try Paul Berkowitz’s Export/Import scripts. They continue to be useful rather than being a one time use like O2M.

  • German

    How can I import my email from Outlook 2003 to Entourage 2008. Somebody have the answer to do that!!

  • Diane Ross

    The Entourage Help Page is the source for finding answers where the blog is for the latest news and tips.
    Check out the options on the “Convert Mail from Windows to Mac” Page.
    Import PST Files
    Entourage can import a .csv file. Just select the option in Outlook to export as .csv or text file. In Entourage select the Import –> Contacts from a text file –> tab delimited file and navigate to the .csv file.
    Import/Export CSV File
    If you are new to the Mac, see my tips for new Mac users.
    New2Mac & Entourage

  • Jane Powell

    I need to import 3000 contacts from a pst file into Entourage 2008. I’ve exported the data into a pst file, and now looking at mapping fields BUT there is no category field listed. The contacts I’m importing have 30 different categories, and its essential that I import them. Where do I go?

  • Diane Ross

    Your best option is to select export as a .csv file rather than a .pst file. PST is for mail not contacts.
    Import Contacts

  • Jane Powell

    I have exported it into a csv file, and next tried to map fields for importing into Entourage. But there is no category field to import to. I’ve 30 odd categories and over 3000 records, so doing it manually in Entourage is going to be a pain

  • Diane Ross

    Have you looked at Little Machine’s O2M? It has a demo that you could test.
    Does Outlook have a notes field that exports and then could be used in Entourage to assign categories?
    Creating each category as a separate csv file would be easier than marking them in Entourage once they are all imported.
    Please report back and let me know what you find. I can write this up for future questions. Thanks!

  • Thad

    I have tried several options, but this one worked very well for me. I am mbox (ing) pst files created on an exchange server using exmerge but it should work for normal pst files as long as the index is intact:
    Download this file here:
    Unzip it. Create a new text file and paste the following into the new text file:
    :batch script written by Thad Williams
    :Free to anyone who wants to use it, use at your own risk
    @echo off
    echo .
    echo .
    echo . 1.) Place the pst in this directory
    echo . 2.) ONLY ONE PST at a time.
    echo . 2.1) Your PST will be renamed to CONVERT.PST
    echo . 3.) Note warning below:
    echo .
    echo .
    echo .
    echo . !WARNING! If the folder “Mbox” exists it will be erased!
    echo . Please move the directory “Mbox” if you want to keep it
    echo .
    echo .
    echo . 4.) Push the any key 😉
    echo .
    echo .
    echo .
    echo .
    echo .
    :rename the pst file
    ren *.pst convert.pst
    :deletes old runs, makes a folder, then runs the script
    rmdir mbox /S /Q
    mkdir mbox
    readpst.exe -o mbox -w convert.PST
    :then rename them all .mbox
    ren mbox\*. *.mbox
    Now save this text file as “runme.bat” (note: NOT runme.bat.txt)
    Put the .bat in the extracted directory, drop your .pst into the directory, and wait. In my experience a 1.5gb pst will take ~20 minutes.
    NOTES: Works on windows only. Your .pst file will be renamed convert.pst. If you are worried about this, put a COPY of the pst into the directory. That is just good practice anyway…

  • Sonya Steele

    Hi all,
    I just switched from a PC to a Mac and am trying to transfer emails from a German Outlook (2003) into Entourage 2007 (v. 12.0.0) on a Mac OS X (v.10.5.2).
    I wanted to use the O2M (, but the company said that its product is incompatible with non English-language-characters.
    Next I imported my Outlook email to Mozilla Mail and added an .mbox extension. I copied the .mbox files to the desktop of my Mac and tried dragging (and importing) the .mbox icon from the desktop to Entourage.
    Although the .mbox files on the Desktop appear to be of the right format, I’m not able to import them (either manually or by dragging them to Entourage or its icon on the Dock). When I try to import it, it will not allow me to select the file (it remains greyed out, as if it doesn’t recognize the format), and when I drag and drop, the email contains no information. I’ve also converted them to .eml files – no luck.
    I am not sure what to try next…
    Thanks for your help.

  • Diane Ross

    You mention Entourage 2007 (12.0.0) did you mean Entourage 2008? You definitely need to upgrade to 12.1.0 (SP1) as it fixes many problems.
    I you still have access to a server, you might be able to get your mail via an IMAP account.
    Regarding your bad MBOX files… did you follow the directions in Dave Riches tutorial? Paul Berkowitz’s Export-Import scripts are also very good and can be used after you get imported for backup, moving to a new Identity etc. ($20)
    The Convert Mail from Windows to Mac outlines some other options that you should check out.

  • David

    I have just migrated from PC to Mac. Using the Entourage 2008, I managed to export/import my emails and contacts from Outlook to Entourage.
    My only problem is importing my MS Outlook Calendar to Entourage. I tried exporting my Outlook Calendar in PST and CRV but failed to import into Entourage. Help!

  • Diane Ross

    I’m sorry to say this is one of most troublesome of the transfer saga. See these options: Transfer Contacts and Calendar
    Your problem would benefit from other user’s experiences. You can subscribe to the Entourage newsgroup or the YouTalk mailing list.
    How to subscribe to the MSFT newsgroups
    How to subscribe to the YouTalk Mailing List

  • Paul Corriveau

    I like many of you am making the switch form Windows to MAC, and, am trying to convert Outlook (2003 in my case) to Entourage. I researched many utilities and purchased O2M. Right off the bat I receive a message that O2M cannot connect to Outlook. It implies that one must turn off security software running. So I shut down my Norton 360 and attempted again with no luck. I have sent an email to LittleMachines but have not heard back.
    Anyone out there experience this???

  • zlatan24

    I heard about not bad application-read contacts from pst, provides a possibility to read contacts from pst, decrypt this file and extract all contacts to *.vcf files, that can be opened by Personal Information Management (PIM) and Windows Address Book any time. Other files are extracted with *.eml and *.txt extensions.

  • gsmartin

    I’m trying to convert a Windows Outlook 2003 pst file to Mac Entourage 2008. Has anyone tried using Apple’s “MobileMe” system? If I sign up and sync my current Windows information to MobileMe, can I think re-sync it to Entourage on the Mac?

  • I want to bring over all my emails and contacts from Office Outlook 2007 for XP to Mac Office 2008 (Home student edition) Entourage program. How do I do that? Thank you!

  • See the Cross Platform page for solutions
    The link to Dave Riches tutorial is the most popular for importing messages.
    Outlook2Mac a third party application ($10) is also highly recommended by
    users. Exports Email, Email Attachments, Contacts, and Calendar Appointments
    MessageSave is a bit more expensive ($34.97) MessageSave will work with any Outlook email account (PST or Exchange). MessageSave preserves attachments, sender email addresses, message timestamps, multiple languages. Download the trial version

  • Vikas A

    I had about 2GB of Outlook 2007 files that I wanted to import into Entourage 2008 on a MacBook. Over the past 2 days, I have tried and looked at different solutions. Here is my summary:
    1) Mail2Mac $15 – purchased it, it spent about 5 hours converting and writing lots of files, crashed when I tried to run the Mac component which was supposed to import. At any rate, it does not give any options on which outlook files to export, and it imports into MacMail before importing into Entourage, so I would not recommend it.
    2) Outlook2Mac $10 – heard mixed reviews about it, decided to skip it
    3) EmailChemy – $30 – heard good things about it. It is a Java based program, BUT it has no option of importing Calendar or Contacts.
    4) MessageSave – $30 (remember to look for the Mac discount, else its $40). This is what I ended up using. Very fast, has all the right options. Exported my mail folders (automatically put folder names, etc.) into MBOX, could select which folders to export, exported all calendar into single ICS and all contacts into single VCF. Just dragged the created files into Entourage and it imported it. Took about 1 hour to export all my 2GB of outlook PST files into MBOX. Highly recommended.

  • Hi Vikas, do you have the direct link to download that MessageSave software? I am after exactly the same thing – thanks!

  • Convert My Email has a free Beta that moves the contacts, cal, and email to Entourage

  • Jacqueline Larsen

    Greg – thank you thank you thank you! I started at the top of the list, trying all sorts of things without success but Convert My Email was great. I had a couple of glitches where Entourage said the file i was importing was corrupted and wouldn’t bring in all info but I got round this by importing mail, contacts and calendar all seperately. So easy in the end.
    Thanks so much.

  • Vincent Smith

    An alternative, potentially, is to use an iPhone, iTunes and MobileMe.
    If you have enough space on your iPhone or MobileMe,, you may be able to synch between these, regardless of OS.
    Hope this helps!

  • Chad

    I was in a similar boat as the rest; I had 1154 Outlook 2003 contacts saved as .pst and wasn’t able to import to Entourage 08. I think it was dumb luck, but I was at wits end, so from the PC with the .pst I re-imported contacts to an ’03 Outlook, then emailed all contacts to myself. The contacts were saved in the email as .msg files. As my server wouldn’t accept the email I saved the email attachments to a thumbdrive and inserted to in my Mac. Then highlighted all and choose > open with > entourage. Wasn’t sure if it was working as a new email message was opened and in the ‘TO’ box were the contacts. I waited as the rainbow circle, circled, got impatient and force quit entourage. When I re-opened, all my imported contacts were there, in proper form…except 10, which is my own fault for being impatient. Nice, simple and clean. Not sure if this will work for calendar, mail, etc, but brilliant with the contacts.

  • Naartjie

    ConvertMyEmail is out of beta and now costs $15 but seems to be the one that works and converts everything from your pst file to Entourage.

  • John Fox

    I have Outlook 2007 pst file which I would now like to transfer to my new macbookpro using office 2008 entourage.
    How can I do this without too much fuss.

  • The easiest way if you still have an Exchange account, is to put the PST files back on the server and Entourage can download them after you set up your Exchange account in Entourage.
    Otherwise, it’s not an easy process. See these links for help:
    Import PST Files
    Entourage Cross Platform Help
    If you meet the qualifications (Exchange Server 2007) to use the Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition version of Office 2008, you should be sure to update. Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition has launched

  • DaLass

    Can someone tell me if the following will work:
    I have Office 2003 running on Windows XP.
    I make a .PST file from my Exchange server mailbox.
    On another Windows XP system with Office 2007, connected to a new Exchange server, i will import the .PST file.
    Then, i move the email messages and folders from the .PST file to my Exchange mailbox.
    Next, i take my Macbook with Entourage 2008 and connect to the new Exchange server with the same username / pass as i did with the Windows XP machine.
    Can i now access all my email on the MAC and make a new archive in MAC file format?

  • Yes, accessing your emails this way is the quickest and easiest way to access mail. It’s users that don’t have a way to put those .PST files back on the server that run into problems.
    Check to see if your server meets the requirements for the new EWS version of Entourage. Exchange connection is greatly improved in EWS (v13). The upgrade to EWS is free for Entourage 2008 users.
    Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition has launched

  • Iskandar Rabeendran

    “Executive summary”
    If you have a big complicated .PST file and you don’t want to lose anything, it’s going to be a time-consuming process. If you have a simpler file and/or want to keep it cheaper and faster, Outlook2Mac is the best option (you will lose some Contact data). If you want to be exhaustive and not lose anything and are prepared to pay more and spend more time, use the Exchange route.
    I spent major parts of the past month trying out all the different options to convert my 2GB “15 years worth of data ” Outlook 2007 .PST file to Entourage 2008.
    Here are my preliminary results (I don’t have time yet to go into details so please contact me if you need):
    I tried the free Thunderbird and Eudora routes but it didn’t keep attachments of emails.
    I started trying the route using “Outlook 2001 for Mac” because I trusted Microsoft to do the best job (how wrong). It was hard finding an old PowerPC mac but I finally did.
    All my HMTL messages were converted to text; The “received date” field of ALL emails was converted to the date when I did the conversion. All flags for emails were lost. But it did keep attachments to emails , and kept the whole hierarchy of folders/subfolders (not the case for other routes to conversion !).
    I did a good job with contacts (although it might have lost the lists). in Calendar it lost the reminders of all calendar items and also the modified occurences of Recurring items.
    I tried 3rd party applications mentioned on this site. You better first use the trial versions on these because they didn’t work for me:
    – Convert My Email $15 : different tests, different results. not a good sign. Doesn’t keep folder hierarchy. Contact data was changed (Home Address became Work)
    – MessageSave $30 : same things. No folder hierarchy kept ; field “Other” became “Home Address”
    – Outlook2Mac $10 : somewhat better job on emails ; lost in conversion all “Other Address” and “Other Phone” fields. Notes were lost.
    – Mail2Mac $20: no trial version so I didn’t use it.
    -Paul Berkowitz’s Export-Import Scripts $20 : didn’t try them, too McGeeky for my level.
    With all those solutions that I tried, you will have some Contact data that comes out different after the conversion, or gets lost. Fields will have switched to another field, or get lost altogether (e.g. no “Assistant” phone number ; “Other” becomes “Home 2”; and many more)
    – Emailchemy $30 : best results; but email only.
    – conversion of Contacts using iPod Touch sync with iTunes: lost contacts fields (radio, assistant, callback, company, ISDN, other fax, telex, TTY); email 1 became “work” ; 2 became “Home” ; 3 became “Other”; lost IM address ; office, profession, manager, assistant’s names, spouse.
    – MobileMe : didn’t try it (free trial)
    Unsatisfied with all those, I then tried the Exchange route. I got a friend to set me up on his company’s server. If not, you can try out a Microsoft Exchange account with MS (minimum 5 seats so I think $50 total).
    I had to call Microsoft to set it up properly because even their Help pages mentioned the wrong information. But they were professional on the phone, even though I had to call them back the next day to get a guy who helped me set up the right server address (I had to use the address for Iphones ! even though I was using Entourage)
    Even then things weren’t working right (lost fields like Profession, nickname, spouse, title, birthdays and anniversaries, suffix); emails became “other”.
    Things finally cleared up when I switched to Snow Leopard and used the Mail, Address Book and iCal clients (they are specifically designed for Exchange support).
    I still have to test whether it did transfer all my data though. It did lose the email lists from Outlook. Also at least some reminders on recurring items.
    My total number of Contacts decreased from 1418 to 1339 (but there were quite a few duplicates due to Outlook bugs) so maybe it cleared that issue finally.
    This was my journey. It took a month but ended well (thanks to the fortuitously timely Snow Leopard update !), and I hope this can help you save time.
    iska rabeendran

  • Lisa Guinn

    I spent about $65, but I migrated my email, contacts and calendar from an Outlook 2007 OST file (which had been connected to a Microsoft Exchange mailbox) to Entourage. And I did it in about 3 hours for 600Mb of data.
    My problem: I left a company where I had all my contact information (professional and personal) and my calendar stored in Outlook 2007. I had a local file (Outlook.ost) – but few programs can read that. If I had been more aware, I would have copied all of my contacts and calendar into a Personal Folders file (.pst) before I left the company! That would have saved me $50 and 2 hours of my time.
    Step 1: I bought Recovery Tool for Outlook ( for ~$50 USD. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked well. It read my Outlook.ost file and created a PST file. I ended up with a few weird emails and a few empty folders. It duplicated my notes. But these could have easily been flaws in the original ost file, and they were easy to fix.
    Actually, it worked great. All the other tools I found that could actually read an Outlook 2007 file were $100 USD and up…
    Step 2: I bought Convert My Email – Outlook to Entourage for $15. This was a great bargain. It took my contacts, calendar and email from the PST file to a set of folders that Entourage imported as an archive. This was completely smooth. (
    I especially recommend Convert My Email. They also have a version that converts from Outlook to Mac Mail. I obviously didn’t need that, but I think it would be worth the $15 as well.
    Watch carefully. Most tools can handle Office 2007, but some can’t. And many tools can NOT deal with your contacts and calendar. For me, those items were more important than the messages. Oh, and my attachments did make it from the .ost file all the way to Entourage. (I didn’t have any mailing lists, so I can’t comment on that.)
    Bottom line: if you can afford it, you don’t have to struggle. And if you already have a .pst file, you can surely afford it.

  • I just migrated my Windows Outlook 2003 email, contacts and calendar to Entourage 2008 with very little effort using a programme called Outlook to Entourage. The programme costs $14.95 and well worth the price. One word of caution, follow the instructions and ZIP the export folder on your PC as recommended. During my first attempt, I copied the folder to my memory stick and Entourage failed to import my e-mail messages. I ZIP’d the file on the second try and all elements imported correctly. My PST file was 2GB so size does not appear to be an issue.

  • Brock

    Has anyone used the MessageSave Product from TechHit? I’m trying to convert Outlook 2010 Beta to Entourage 2008.

  • Hey Broke,
    You can try demo version of which is really GEM of all these kinds of application and cost wise only $10,i try to convert my old pst which are having more the 50 thousand mails but it did only in 35 minutes WOW, speechless Man.

  • Daemonfox

    Has anyone had 100% success with any of these procedures?
    I have a CEO who has decided to move to a Macbook Pro and has well over 60GB of email strung across 6 OST/PST files.
    From reading, it sounds like I am going to have to virtualize an exchange server in Fusion 3 and drop the files there to be imported… problem is I need EVERYTHING from the old stored PSTs AND all the Contacts and Calendar and attributes of his current PST and archive PST… If I cant get all the data including flags and tasks etc then I dont know what to do.
    Anyone who has had success with the Exchange import mind commenting on how much you were able to import?

  • When Office for Mac 2011 comes out in December, the new email application Outlook for Mac will be able to import .pst files.
    See the Cross Platform page for other solutions:
    The link to Dave Riches tutorial is the most popular for importing messages.
    Outlook2Mac a third party application ($10) is also highly recommended by
    users. Exports Email, Email Attachments, Contacts, and Calendar Appointments
    EmailChemy… Excellent! Can read AOL for Windows (“PFC” files), Outlook for Windows (.PST and .OST files), Outlook Express for Windows, any UNIX-style or mbox-format mailbox and many other files types. EmailChemy
    MessageSave is a bit more expensive ($34.97) MessageSave will work with any Outlook email account (PST or Exchange). MessageSave preserves attachments, sender email addresses, message timestamps, multiple languages. Download the trial version

  • Peter Hvidegaard

    Like Alexander I bought the Outlook to Entourage from
    The cost of this product was worth every penny. Extremely easy to use and it did it perfectly.
    With reference to alexanders comments I did not zip the file, just copied it to a server available for the mac and imported from here. Very smooth.
    The only thing – It did some strange thing to some of my contacts. Well if that is all……:-)

  • Tim

    Peter, Alexander,
    Does the ConvertMyEmail tool work on Outlook notes? I tried the demo version, but the notes did not seem to work. I left a support email for them for no replies yet.
    Please let me know if it works to transfer Outlook Notes too.

  • I don’t have any personal experience with converting from PC to Mac. Sorry.

  • B Brice

    Dar All,
    I have tried various programs listed in this post. But I was not satisfied untill I finally found PST Converter Pro from Its a far better program than O2M, Emailchemy and Message Save. I had successfully converter my 1500 contacts, 400 calendar events and almost 40000 emails with no problem. It converts unicode data too. Most of my mails had spanish caracters so O2M didnt work. I think PST Conerter Pro is a must have tool for Outlook to Entourage switcher. What I found best was I was able to convert my 7 different PST Files in in one go. Thats simply great ! !

  • Daphne

    Hello! I read all the interesting posts but it seems none has converted from Outlook Express to Entourage? None of the software mentioned works for Outlook Express. Any advice I have a simple 3000 contacts (just emails and contact name) and 5000 emails with attachments. What would you recommend?
    thanks in advance

  • Personally, I can’t recommend anything since I’ve never used any of the products. See this page for other options.
    Third party applications to use with Entourage

  • Monney

    Hi B Brice.
    I checked the software you offered, it looks ok, but when I import the files into Entourage, the system makes the folder, but the folder is empty, in another words, it does not transfer the messages.
    Here is what I did: I made an archived pst file of my inbox, then convert it by PST Converter Pro, it creats a folder. When I transfer that folder to my MAC, after importing into Entourage, the inbox folder which is created by system shows emppty!!
    Do you have any suggestion for me?

  • Klaus

    Transfer of Contacts made easy:
    I simply synced my Outlook 2007 contacts (in a PST file) with my iPhone and then my iPhone with my MacBook Pro, worked fine and imported even pictures stored in the contacts.
    Extraction of Attachments
    As I do not need to have all the e-mails out of the PST file, but definitely required the attachments, I used the free Outlook Add-In “attachment remover” ( to pull out all attachments. This add-in is using the same file structure as Outlook. Before I transferred the attachments to my Mac, I re-organised the structure in such a way that would help me to allocate the files.
    Worked perfectly

  • B Brice

    Hello Monney,
    I also faced this issue and contacted support. They suggested to zip the converted archive on Windows, then copy the zipped archive to Mac and then unzip it before importing into Entourage. It works. May be this occurs due to different file systems of Mac and Windows.