Confused over Microsoft Update Version numbers?

Are you ever confused over whether your Office update was successful? You check Entourage under the About menu and it says 11.3.3, but the latest update was 11.3.5. What gives! Are you updated or not?

The true test for checking the update status after an Office update is to check the Microsoft Component Plugin located in the Office folder. For example:

Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Microsoft Component Plugin

The Microsoft Component Plugin is always updated. Individual Office applications are updated independently.

A group of Entourage users came up with a script that will give you all the Office applications versions numbers. It’s free and now you will always know if you really are updated. Download here. There is even a localized French version. Download here

Added Info for 2008: Office 2008 requires a different script.
Download Script for Office 2008
Download Script Application for Office 2008
Download French version for 2008

This is the information provided by the script. (not an updated screenshot)

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10 comments to Confused over Microsoft Update Version numbers?

  • I’m not able to download pictures within all emails – this mostly affects me when viewing various email newsletters I subscribe to. The download pictures link that used to appear at the top of a message is no longer there. In fact it disappeared some time last year. It’s very frustrating. All of my Preferences are checked to allow picture downloads. I know that Entourage disables picture downloads, which is fine. But I’d at least like to be able to decide within an individual message to view the pictures. Is there a solution?

  • Hi Donna, First were you able to download the script that shows the version info? Knowing what version you are using is crucial in troubleshooting.
    Your problem is best answered on the Entourage newsgroup. See this page for how to subscribe:
    I’ll be looking for your post on the newsgroup.

  • Hello –
    I am not able to open my calendar. I’ve done the rebuild and have compacted my database, deleted sent and deleted mail and reduced my inbox. Any suggestions?

  • Ed Boyd

    Last update applied: 11.3.9
    Microsoft Entourage: 11.3.6
    Microsoft Excel: 11.3.7
    Microsoft Word: 11.3.8
    Microsoft PowerPoint: 11.3.5
    MSN 040922
    Microsoft Component Plugin: 11.3.9
    Junk E-Mail Protection: 11.3.4
    Mac OS X 10.4.11 (8S2167)
    For the second time in three days My Entourage is downloading approximately 3,500 old emails from our server (Canada). I have contacted Rogers and they claim (and I think they are correct) that this only happens when their server is contacted by a newly enabled email program. Apple help offered nothing as they said I would have to deal with MS.
    The only change to our iMac was the addition of PocketMac for BlackBerry. Obviously this is an issue as we want to sync our blackberry but clearly don’t want this strange email dump. I have been searching for related help topics but I have not come across this type of situation…yet?
    Any thoughts ?

  • dianer

    If you rebuild your Entourage database you will download messages again, but it’s usually server error that causes multiple downloads. There are scripts to deal with duplicates. This will help with the clean up, but you might consider moving the 3500 emails to a folder that will not be downloaded, or delete them after moving them to your computer. You can archive as MBOX files or drag individually to the desktop to save. The individual messages can be searched by Spotlight.
    Deal with Duplicates

  • chuck

    I am using Entourage (v. 10.0.0) for Mac in Office 2004. I noticed I have no junk mail button in the toolbar and no junk mail folder for it to direct emails to. Was there an installation problem with Entourage. When I try to reinstall, get a message saying all the components are there and no new installation is necessary. Any ideas? Thank you.

  • dianer

    Hi chuck, First you are running end of life software and you haven’t even updated it to it’s latest version. 10.1.9. Unless you need Exchange support, I suggest buying theHome & Student version for Office 2008. $130 at Amazon with free shipping.
    Entourage X does not come with a junk folder. You will have to create a junk folder and a rule to move the messages. More info.

  • Big Tex

    My Entourage is erratic re Sending mail – sometimes fine, sometimes does not send yet goes thru all motions & appears to, making all the right noises and Progress visuals… but the mail does not arrive.
    I’ve sent trials to myself – nothin’ doin’!
    If I send from my Yahoo account, no problem, works fine. So I figure the problem is my Entourage. I’ve checked all settings and they seem to be fine.
    I did a DiscWarrior then a Yasu clean and that worked for a week or so, now the problem is back – I also suspect I’m not receiving some mail, though I’m certainly receiving most.
    [This does not sound like an Entourage problem. You can view your mail being sent with tcpflow. This way you will know it has been sent to your ISP. What happens from there is out of Entourage’s control.] Diane Ross

  • Tricia Burton

    Question: I have an OLD version of Microsoft Office, featuring Entourage 10.1.1. I recently updated my system to OS X Leopard and can no longer open Entourage. Is is possible to download just a newer version of Entourage so that I can access it, or do I have to purchase and download all of Microsoft Office? If I can indeed download an updated version, where might I find it?
    Tricia Burton

  • Entourage X will work under Leopard, but you need to upgrade.
    Microsoft Office v. X for Mac 10.1.9 Update
    Entourage is not sold as a standalone application.
    Note: Check how much free space you have and check how much RAM you have installed. I often see users upgrade an older computer and not have enough RAM to run Leopard and frequently don’t have enough disk space.
    Problems from Insufficient RAM and Free Hard Disk Space